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Listen up feline lovers! Are you longing for the day that "work" involves endless slideshows of mischievous, adorable kittens? Do you find yourself making excuses and not going out on the weekend because you'd rather stay at home playing with little Lola? Maybe you're not so far gone — but everyone knows you adore everything feline.

Today's your lucky day! Fresh Step is giving you an opportunity to show the love, and they're celebrating by giving away $1,000. All you have to do is tell us about your furry friend — if your cat were a celebrity, who would they be? Does your cat have the cool confidence of James Dean, or the commanding presence of Diana Ross? Leave a comment below and you'll be entered for a chance to win $1,000. Just think of how many cat toys you could buy — or even better, how many matching cat sweaters!

Leave a comment below for your chance to win!

See official rules here.

KHB6479 KHB6479 5 years
If my cat was a celebrity, she would be Marilyn Monroe. Flirty, yet elegant, my cat is feminine, but sweet. She has an amount of confidence in her step that can only resemble Ms. Monroe. And she acts as if every move she makes is being watched by the whole world. After all, Some cats do like there food hot!
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
Dear Fresh Step,   My mommy says i'm a Diva like Madonna, it just means i know what i want and what i want is Fresh Step in my litter box. She says it helps control odors, growth of bacteria and absorbs liquid quickly, and i say "dont know what you're talking about it smells like roses to me." I'm giving Fresh Step 5 Paws. Thanks Fresh Step for making my inner Diva shine.   Love, Lola
Mich3 Mich3 5 years
Our cat is Sean Astin after Rudy- he stopped playing football, moved to middle earth, and starting eating Doritos. She is a lovably plump hobbit
Milly2383687 Milly2383687 5 years
As i add this to comment bellow she really looks like puss an boss i mean extracly like him but she a girl. She also know how those big eyes like in puss an boot movie even at night. Her name is milly since i watch the movie it became my favorite.  She like rub herself in the carpet i know its werid and likes to fight.  Want everything her way no matter what.
Milly2383687 Milly2383687 5 years
my cat look like puss an boots she one years old my personality is fierce and curious of everything you do. She acts like  the character an  is a tomboy cat not girly at all sometimes she sweet or sneaky an drop stuff.
TN TN 5 years
I own a poly-dactyl (mitten paws), Viktor, whom we adopted at our local shelter. If he were an actor, he hands down would be Robert Downey Jr. because he has a seductive way about him. We knew upon seeing him, we had to have him. Viktor has a celebrity quality about him. You can't go up to him and approach him, he has to approach you. My cat has an unhealthy recreational habit; eating dryer lint sheets (kind of like Robert doing things he shouldn't do, eh-hum white powder stuff). Overall, Viktor is a versatile cat that enjoys life and I think he's most like the actor, Roberty Downey Jr. 
weezk10 weezk10 5 years
My cat Ziggy is a total "divo", so I would compare him to Elton John! He loves everything a certain way and is the first to voice his opinion (loudly) if he doesn't like something. He loves being the center of attention and always makes his presence known.
supercharger5150 supercharger5150 5 years
My Macguyver is just that. He's always doing any little trick to get himself some milk or squeeze past you into the bathroom for a chance to play with the toilet paper.
Meewlee Meewlee 5 years
If my cat, Miss Kitty, were a celebrity she would be Miss Piggy – a charming but demanding diva who always gets her way! She can get angry if she thinks she's being insulted, but she can also be super affectionate and cuddly (like how Miss Piggy is with "Kermie").
ivalines ivalines 5 years
My cat, Mr. Kitty Fantastical, would be Beaver from "Leave It To Beaver," because he's always getting in trouble.
rocchiroad rocchiroad 5 years
If my cat Macy was a celebrity, she would be a current Lindsay Lohan.  She's pure white (blonde), gets into situations/places she has a devil of a time getting out of and you only hear from her when she's in trouble.  
Margryg Margryg 5 years
If my Cat were a Celebrity he would be Denzel Washington.  Quiet, Cool, Intense, Focused and Driven!  Smooth and Sophisticated too.
rbroszma rbroszma 5 years
Kitty = Jack Palance. "I shit bigger than you."
micericag1 micericag1 5 years
Frankie is the cat equivalent of Floyd Mayweather, at least when he is hungry in the morning.   While I lay in bed trying to catch those last moments of sleep with just the top of my head visible under the comforter I never fail to feel one furry paw lay a soft series of blows on my head making sure to let me know that he is hungry.  He'll pause for a moment, gaining a new round of momentum and then suddenly....pow, pow, pow, lands another round.  We go 6, 8 rounds in the morning sometimes till I finally get up and give him his breakfast, and, as I'm in the kitchen getting it ready, he then turns into a furry little love, rubbing against my legs till his food is placed before him, at which point, he dives right in, oblivious to anyone around him till he's done...ultimately, asking immediately then for more, but, once he's been fed that first time, his demands for food are all vocal ones.
batdancer batdancer 5 years
“Why won’t you give me the respect I’m entitled to!?!” When Zora stands on my chest in the morning, claws at the ready, thin, diamond-shaped pupils in her green eyes glaring at me, all I can see is Joan Crawford. When money is tight and I get her substandard food, I can hear her thoughts: “NO CHEAP CAT FOOD! WHAT’S CHEAP CAT FOOD DOING IN THIS BOWL, WHEN I TOLD YOU NO CHEAP CAT FOOD EVER!”  
1karbear 1karbear 5 years
Our Cat Tiger; a Ragdoll, is a lot like Rob Dyrdek.  He is always willing to take chances and will try anything. He just dosen't care what will happen as long as he has fun!   Amusement is everything!!!  :)
gillianaire gillianaire 5 years
My cat, Tuna Fey, is pretty much the Liz Lemon of cats. She's a slob and totally unapologetic about it--  but she's also weirdly charming. And bad with men. Oh and she likes to write too!   She has a tumblr:
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 5 years
my cat Phil is pretty incredible. He is like the Chuck Norris of cats!
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