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First Photo Of Mischa Barton After DUI

Mischa Out On Bail, Covered Up, On Her Way Home

After last night's DUI (and the requisite public mugshot), Mischa Barton's mother bailed her out this morning. She was caught by the paparazzi looking understandably coy sneaking out of the police station and into the backseat of her mom's Mercedes (here's video, kind of). I mean, it's no iconic Paris cop car photo, but you can see a distraught Mischa heading home. TMZ has some more details about her arrest, saying that she was pulled over when she was spotted "straddling two lanes of traffic and failed to signal when making a turn" and when the cop pulled her over it was clear she had been drinking (and didn't have a valid license...and about those narcotics...). What do you think — were you surprised by the news about Mischa?


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