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daneillia daneillia 8 years
to tell u de truth nahla is de cutest celeb baby i've seen so far,if halle is soo beautiful just imagine how she will look.i hope she follows in her mom's footsteps though.she has her daddy's eyes
Gidette Gidette 9 years
She looks a little "special" but I wonder why? I think it did say some place that Halle has a medical condition and was worried about the baby's health? Maybe you all shouldn't take jabs at the baby's appearance since it's apparent that she has a little problem! A-holes! Give the little girl a break dang
usu usu 9 years
Omg some people really need to get a life. How low can some people really be, talking about a baby. She hasn't done anything wrong to be judged.
wickitwahine wickitwahine 9 years
thank you justus!! I was waiting for someone to bring her up she's absolutely a doll ! but Suri,Shiloh and sweet lil Nahla are cuties too. i'm on the fence on the aforementioned issue. we have the right to have our opinions its just light fun and we all have different views on the same things. but i would be pretty angry if someone called my princess ugly or weird looking( though she's the most bootyfullist in my eyes ♥ ) gotta be honest when i saw adam sandler's kid i just had to button my lips... :(
justus justus 9 years
She's a cutie, but Tiger Woods daughter Sam is the most beautiful celebrity baby, hands down!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Wow it seems like someone had a little too much time on their hands and signed up as several different members :oy:
fancy2010 fancy2010 9 years
Bermuda-Babe Bermuda-Babe 9 years
Nahla does have very unique features. I agree with the person who said individually her features are nice but they're a bit much all together. I've seen this before with two drop-dead gorgeous people-it's like the genes can't decide what to do! But I think that she will grow more into her looks as she grows older-I'll bet that she'll have a very exotic look to her and will be sinply gorgeous.
naomie naomie 9 years
CONGRATS Halle!!!Your baby is an ANGEL! Enjoy every precious moment and don't mind the mean and superficial comments. The mean comments are just a reflection of the persons who wrote them!Comparing babies,name calling!?? I can't believe my ears!! You people need to get a life!
DDOC DDOC 9 years
It is sad to think that people are so cruel and easily say such mean things Halle's baby and her mother. If you were on display for the world to see how would your looks be judged?
lwater lwater 9 years
That baby is absolutely beautiful! It is easy to see she will be as beautiful as her mother, if not more beautiful!
gdenese gdenese 9 years
Halle has been blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby... she must be finally happy
Ben-from-Fla Ben-from-Fla 9 years
has longer hair. That's reality girls. I saw an episode of Divorce Court were the husband came back from going to war in Iraq an his wife cut off all her hair and had her girlfriend living with her, than they became a couple. The brother stood up in court an said "Don't I have a right to be told about this" an the Lady Judge with a very short haircut agreed. Enough of that. Babies are constantly growing, changing, evolving, she'll be more beautiful as she grows. I'm sure Halle will be an awesome mom, since it took awhile for her to become one. God Bless you and the baby Halle.
jennymarks jennymarks 9 years
What a beautiful baby! How can you say she has a strange shaped head? I don't see anything but normal. Get a life!
Ben-from-Fla Ben-from-Fla 9 years
To Carla Bowers, Grandma Berry beautiful?? Maybe when she was Halle's age. It amazes me that most women still style their hair to please their girlfriends more than their man. All men prefer long hair on a woman. And what's up with the term age appropiate hair. NBC"s Today show blog just did a pictorial about gorgeous women over 50 & everyone of them have long hair. (Touching their shoulders) Susan Saradon, Genna Davis, & Helen Mirren, and my favorite old lady Sophia Loren. Good luck to the Party animals of today. Why would any woman looking to hook up with a man want quetions about her Oreintation to be asked just too maintain a short do?? I've used Halle as a great example. If your not Halle you can't justify a man's do, an she let her hair grow. Nuff' said. P.S. When a man replaces his girlfriend, wife she ALWAYS
wildchild33 wildchild33 9 years
heh yah The baby does look like her grand mother. She's a rather cute baby but she does look more like her grand mother right now than Halle.
Vavavoom99 Vavavoom99 9 years
An absolutely adorable baby and she seems to be very even-tempered as well. How sweet!
afrolatino afrolatino 9 years
It's nice to have a sight that allow you to speak you mind, but also in a mature and respectful manner..the statements I read about Halle's child being strange looking show that some people are miserable and just can't see the beauty in having a child and feeling blessed..maybe when they have a child they will see and feel the blessing..also who knows your child may not have a mother or father of the same race..and that would be a blessing too..due to the unique features a child has when remember to keep an open mind here in America..that's alot of children here are going to have mixed parents or bloodlines..2008.
floridagirl34 floridagirl34 9 years
Beautiful baby! A definite cutie pie. And for those of you that want to attack an innocent being such as a defenseless baby.... SHAME ON YOU! baby's are God's business and are a reflection of HIM ... BEAUTY and INNOCENCE! Congrats to Halle & Gabriel.
eloquentimagery eloquentimagery 9 years
Just think how boring this chat would be if we all shared the same opinion about everything. I think the honest comments are fun. When you are in the spotlight as Halle is, every thing about you will be critiqued and some of it will not be so nice. Don't feel too sorry for her because when she goes home to her mansion at night, she is still filthy rich and happy as a lark with her funny looking baby. A funny story... my sister saw my friend's new baby and made the perfunctory "cute baby" comment. My friend replied, "Stop lying girl, I know my baby is ugly!" and it was.
Malieta Malieta 9 years
Halle's baby is adorable!!! For all the peeps that think negative things about this beautiful are insane!!!!!
qsmommy qsmommy 9 years
Wow. There are actually people picking apart the looks of an infant.*Smh* Pathetic. I only felt compelled to post because this baby girl is one of the most striking babies I have laid eyes on in quite a while. ( And MY baby is GORGEOUS!) Truly a showstopper, that Nahla is. Halle: Our babies must get married and produce achingly beautiful offspring so they can shut down all these naysayers who will, no doubt, breed and add their own little bits of ugly to the world.
eloquentimagery eloquentimagery 9 years
The fact that all babies are cute is why we want to take care of them, nature sees to that. I must admit though, that baby looks like a tiny unhappy grown woman with a furrowed brow. Hail to the ones of us who told the truth.
soccerchick soccerchick 9 years
Oh she's gorgeous!! I love that she has that carmel brown complexion with those dark blue eyes. Its so exotic looking! And I'm definately more a fan of Halle Berry for not selling the pictures. I want to see that baby too, but the baby photo selling has gotten out of control!
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