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paulof paulof 9 years
Come on guys! It's so nice to see photos like these. The whoel Tom/Bridget history is so crazy, but I just don't get it why people say bad things about Tom and Gisele or Bridget. NO ONE know what's going on between them. If Tom moved on very fast? It depends on your point of view. I used to date my ex for 4 years, but the last months were just miserable, so I decided to break up. Then, one month later, I found the love of my life. I'm with her until now (5 years now). So what? What's the problem? It's even more nice to see that Gisele and Tom are still together, even all these people saying bullshit about them. It looks like REAL LOVE for me. Let them live their lifes in peace. And i'm sure Tom is a good father. Remember one thing: The papz got these pictures, but where are the others? Where are the pics when They arrived at this place? The papz aren't all around everytime!
giazpt giazpt 9 years
Its great gissele is beig kind to Tom's baby not anyone woman could have accepted the baby.
sugarrr sugarrr 9 years
bridgette obviously didnt get pregnant to spite tom... it takes two people to make a baby.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
He's adorable and HUGE and looks just like his daddy. I think it's crazy to think that a couple who broke up for a reason would get back together just because they learned she was preggers. I'm pretty sure they broke up before she knew or told him about the baby and as long as he takes care of them financially and the baby emotionally what difference does it make. They would have been miserable together for the babies sake and he would grow up in an unloving home. Now he has two homes where he's loved and there is no tension.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
Urgg.. I do not like the guy and I have zero respect for underwear models.. about as depp as a kiddie pool. But besides that.. having had two babies with a loving husband.. my heart aches for Bridget. She loved Tom.. things didn't work out, she finds out she is pregnant and he can't bother to take his penis out of a tranny model long enough to go to a doctor's appointment and be a part of his babies life? He was with her for several years.. even if they were no longer together.. man up you ass and be a part of the whole experience. Don't jet set with your new girlfriend and then expect to cruise back into your babies life after football is over and you have vacationed and rested with your overrated girl. Pathetic. Meanwhile Bridg is handling it all on her own.. which she took on when she decided to have the baby on her own.. but it would still piss me off that then he thinks he can swoop n and be entitled to anything he hasn't earned. Is this how he is going to be all through the little guys life? Hey when is your Dad coming out.. shrug I don't know its football season.. I am his "off season.. if his girlfriend isn't busy" son. I was nevre a priority to him. And why not an overnight visit with Tom WITHOUT GISELLE???? WHy does she have to be there.. are they married? Go away and let him have some one on one time with his son.. if he needs help then he should have asked his mom the little guys grandma to be there to help him.. Its just bad... leaves a bad taste in my mouth and thank GOD its not my life.. not my reality! Sad situation.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Why was Tom sleeping with her if their relationship was so bad? Hmm Kittenmunch!?
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Kittenmunch & insi....singlehandedly crusading AGAINST women! Fight that fight girls, you'll have us barefoot in the kitchen in no time!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Um, Tom could have just not slept with her if he didn't want her to get pregnant. The fact that he had sex with a woman means that he took the risk that she would get pregnant. If he found her truly repulsive then he should not have been having sex with her. It's sad that in this day and age there is still the perception of a woman "trapping" a man by forcing him to sleep with her and impregnate her. It's especially odd considering the fact that single parenting has become more common due to the high divorce rate and more acceptance of single parenting. I don't think it's necessarily an ideal situation for a parent to be a single parent, but most women don't bring children into the world today without considering that possibility. I don't think couples get together just for the sake of the child anymore. I'm not really crazy about any of the people involved in this post, but we have no idea what happened, and to consider Bridget a "repulsive woman" who is trying to "trap" Tom is seriously insane.
kittenmunch kittenmunch 9 years
Does anyone remember how Bridget got pregnant just to spite Tom? Why wasn't she using birth control if their relationship was so bad? Looks like her little plan to hold onto Tom BACKFIRED. Tough for her.
insi insi 9 years
no 100% guaranteed birth control? from bridget actions i suspect that she just stopped taking pills when she felt their relationship ending. she's 36 and her biological clock just overcome healthy mind. i feel sorry for tom for having such a repulsive woman in his life. using man as a perm donor and then not letting him to know his son is really ugly.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
"GISELE has handled this situation with grace, whereas Brigdet sought out to make TB look like a cad because he took up with someone else." Bridget didn't have to do anything to help Tom look like a cad. He did that all by himself. There is no 100% guaranteed birth control, other than not having sex. Every method... pills, condoms, etc has a failure rate, even if used exactly as directed. Clearly Tom is no prize in the fatherhood category, so I fail to see a motivation to "trap" him. Tom was pictured in LA just a couple of weeks ago with Giselle, who was doing a modeling gig. They came and went together, and were photographed around town and at the beach. But no pics of him with his son, so its unknown if he saw him at that time. I would not assume that Giselle is going to be the baby's stepmother. Neither Tom or Giselle seem like they are interested in commitment. Both were in long relationships before that went nowhere. In interviews, neither seem particularly smart or engaging. One wonders what they talk about.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I had kind of forgotten Tom was a father. I guess it's because most of the time it's just pictures of him & Gisele.
sugarrr sugarrr 9 years
This seems like a movie script... man leaves pregnant girlfriend to be with a dumb underwear model..... I would feel like a knife stabbed me in the heart if I saw giselle carrying my baby with my ex boyfriend
Bella9 Bella9 9 years
Do any of you have any idea how difficult it would be to get pregnany by accident? Do you realize that even the most fertile of woman only has a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month? Aside from that, this whole "she got pregnant on purpose" is an antiquated, mysognistic assumption that should have been left behind years ago. The only way that Brady would have automatically been the baby's name is if they were married, which they weren't. Bridget had to make a choice about what last name to give the baby, why should it have been his? Because he provided the sperm? Because that's the way a patriarchal society works? All these people that keep saying it should be Brady, none of you have given a reason why. So please, explain someone? Tom Brady's bad rep in this case was caused by the fact that he was photographed ALL THE TIME with Gisele all over the place, but not once in or around LA since that baby's been born. Other people have mentioned it, but Bridget would have no legal power to keep him from his son and if she tried, he has more than enough resources to make it happen.
doctor_doctor doctor_doctor 9 years
Ames - She doesn't need his money, because she supposedly has a film career (though I've never seen a movie she's 'acted' in). I think she got pregnant to try and trap Brady, but the plan backfired on her. She just LOOKS like a pain to deal with - and that's just by observing her body language and press releases. I can only imagine what a terror she is behind closed doors.
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
I haven't heard a word about her trying to strong arm her into her life now that the baby is here. Nor have I read anything about court battles over her trying to get Tom Brady's money or trying to win him back. What exactly is the motivation of getting pregnant on purpose if none of these things have happened? Just out of curiosity...
nocgirl nocgirl 9 years
I don't see the big deal in this. Giselle is eventually going to be step-mom to the little guy, Bridget needs to get used to it. The whole timing of that pregnancy sure was ironic. She had somehow avoided it the first couple years, then when she realizes their LTR is coming to an end, she gets pregnant. I doubt this was a total 100% accident on her part. She was already 36. She probably went for it. So I don't feel sorry for her. Oh poor Bridget, spare me.
B-R-Girl B-R-Girl 9 years
I think the reason people are so down on Tom Brady is not so much that he broke up with Bridget but the way he treated her during her pregnancy. When his people were crucifying her he never spoke up for her and didn't seem to care at all about her feelings. He is scum in my book and Bridget would have been better off not recognizing him as the father, then she wouldn't have to share John. By the way, is that a dirty diaper Gisele is holding? Maybe baby John did a dirty diaper and she had to change him, I hope so.
doctor_doctor doctor_doctor 9 years
I personally don't see why everyone is labeling Gisele a homewrecker, skank, and all the other unfortunate names she's been called on gossip blogs like this. I feel bad for her because there's no real way she can win - she beautiful, famous, the highest paid model in the world, and no matter what she does, everyone will rip her apart. If she doesn't take part in JET's life, then she'll be labeled as not wanting TB to see his son, if she does interact with the kiddo, she's viewed as twisting the knife. GISELE has handled this situation with grace, whereas Brigdet sought out to make TB look like a cad because he took up with someone else. Even though Brigdet and TB were together for several years, sometimes the relationship will die its own death months before the actual breakup. In my experience, when a guy moves on so 'quickly' (and I think a month was plenty of time before dating Gisele) it means that the feelings ended months before. In most of the pictures taken right after she announced her pregnancy, Bridget has a Cheshire smile, like she knew what she was doing and made such a big deal so that she would get the sympathy cast on her. Bridget irritates me in general, and this situation has done nothing to make me like her. I'm sure she probably had a hand in getting herself pregnant - I don't believe the baby to be an accident. Point is, TB was a free agent as soon as he and Bridget broke up. I'm sure any woman he started seeing afterward would have faced the same criticism, but not to this extent. I think alot of the bitter comments come because he took up with Gisele, who as I pointed out is beautiful, rich, and famous.
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
God, the whole "she got pregnant on purpose" thing is so maddening to read. Seriously, she brought a whole new person into the world to hang on to her overrated, goofy-looking boyfriend? She rigged some sort of "man trap" to keep him around by poking holes in her condoms? The fact that people even think that way is disgusting. People get pregnant accidentally EVERY DAY. And to think that celebrities are more capable of using birth control than the rest of us is completely ridiculous. Unfortunately, pregnancy sometimes happens at exactly the worst possible time. Every single comment made on this thread is speculation. No one knows what really happened but the two people involved in their relationship.
stagestruck stagestruck 9 years
Tom Brady = dick. Hate him, hate him, hate him. Plain and simple. Even if he hadn't been a complete ass about the break up between him self and Bridgett and his relationship with Giselle (YUK!!!-don't get her appeal at all either!) his behavior on the ballfield, especially at the end of this year's Superbowl (not to mention his 19-0 guarantee) show what a complete asswad he is. I bleed Colts blue, so put a Manning jersey on that boy NOW!!!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Insi-please let me know how Bridget purposely got pregnant without Tom having sex with her? Yes, women are all slutty, manipulative, whorey sluts. It's other women like you that make it hard for women to succeed. Honestly, the biggest threat to feminism seems not to be from men sometimes, but from woman-on-woman hate.
insi insi 9 years
bridget and 'beautiful' in one sentence, lol :D something in this whole story smells fishy and it's bridget
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Bridget is 6 years older, not 10. This whole "she got pregnant on purpose" seems a little antiquated. It's not like she kept a vial of his sperm in the freezer in anticipation of him leaving one day. Tom is a consenting adult who understands how birth control works. Bridget is a beautiful, smart, talented woman who has made plenty of money on her own to support herself and her son with or without any help from Tom. (Although really, he should contribute if she asks, and maybe he does already, without a nasty public court case.) Bridget still has a promising film career to return to if/when she chooses. Every director I've heard speak about her has had nothing but praise for how smart and nice she was to work with.
nadiap nadiap 9 years
I think it's great that the child is getting to develop a relationship with his father. If Gisele is part of his life I'm sure Brig knows that most likely she'll be in the child's life as well. If she had a problem with it she would not have given him the kid. I'm always fascinated by all the hoopla over Tom/Bridget situation as if it's NEVER happened before in the history of the planet. Maybe it's because I'm a child of divorce. My parents were together since HS and were married 17 yrs. To say their divorce was nasty is an understatement. Bridget and Tom tabloid spat is like childplay to me. I'm not a fan of Tom but the first time I heard of this was courtesy of Brig's publicist who announced and I quote "12/14/06 Actress Bridget Moynahan and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have split, a rep for Moynahan said in a statement on Thursday. "(They) amicably ended their three-year relationship several weeks ago. We ask for your respect and consideration of their privacy. No further comments will be made." BOSTON (AP) — After three years of dating, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and actress Bridget Moynahan are free to play the field again." Have to say at the time the whole thing meant nothing to me until I read this "Pregnancy announced Liz Smith Feb 18, 2007 New York Post. She and Brady dated for two years before breaking up in December. "They were both very focused on their careers," a pal told the Boston Globe at the time of the split. "She was putting a lot into 'Six Degrees,' he into the Patriots. It was just really hard to make it work." I also recall there were pics of him on vacation with Gisele. I mean does it really take that much brain activity to figure out that she was PISSED and wanted go get back at him.? Do I blame her? No I think most woman would have that reaction if your Ex moved on that quickly, especially with a supermodel. Of course the media doing what it does best, perpetrating hatred and exploiting it, had a field day. nonetheless It had the desired effect of people especially women (cause let's face it; Nobody's harder on women than women)hating Gisele and Tom because they were cast as the devil in this drama. People need to get a grip. Half the people in this country are divorced. The latest stats I read on the other half states 41% of both sexes admit to adultery (Men 57% Women 54% ooh we're getting up there.) 60% of married people are on their second marriages and 73% are on their third. Does that mean they're all bad people. I don't think so. It's called LIFE. That's why I think to get all holier than thou and crucify people when you really don't know the whole story is plain PHONY.
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