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Frequently Asked Questions About the POPSUGAR Influencer Network




What is the POPSUGAR Influencer Network?

The POPSUGAR Influencer Network is our premier network featuring the best fashion, beauty, fitness, food, living, moms and video bloggers, all hand selected by our editors. As part of PIN you will not only have the opportunity to have your original content featured on POPSUGAR alongside our seasoned editors, but you will also receive exclusive access to paid opportunities sponsored by brands, partnerships with POPSUGAR, invitations to private events and more.

How will I be notified of all these opportunities?

After you've joined the POPSUGAR Influencer Network, you will start receiving a PIN newsletter which features many of our blogger opportunities. Simply pick and choose the ones you want to participate in. In addition, we will contact you privately via email when certain sponsorship opportunities are available so be on the look out for emails from us!

Do you offer influencers a POPSUGAR badge?

We do not provide POPSUGAR Influencer Network badges for influencers. If you happen to come across one on a blog or site, it is an old badge from one of our original influencer members.


What are sponsored opportunities?

From time to time, we offer our bloggers the chance to work on programs sponsored by brands. When such an opportunity arises and we think that its a good fit for you blog, we will send you an email invitation to gauge your interest and availability for participation. You can accept or decline the invitation on a case-by-case basis.

Why do I need to include a disclosure when I participate in a sponsored opportunity?

The Federal Trade Commission requires clear and conspicuous disclosures in order to prevent deceptive and unfair advertising practices upon consumers. At POPSUGAR, we must comply with all FTC requirements and, if you work with us, you must also comply. When you create a blog post or a video blog post, the FTC considers these posts to be endorsements and these endorsements need to represent the accurate experience and opinion of the blogger. In its effort to protect consumers, the FTC requires a disclosure from you about your endorsement.

What type of disclosure do I need and where does the disclosure need to go?

If you are a BLOGGER, an FTC disclosure such as the following will be required in your post:

"This post was sponsored by [XX Enter Sponsor Name Here XX] through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about [XX Enter Topic Here XX], all opinions are my own."

If you are a VIDEO CREATOR (or your post includes any type of video), the following two FTC disclosure(s) will be required:

FIRST, you will need to include a verbal disclosure such as the following within your video, and you can say:

"Company [XX Enter Sponsor Name Here XX] sent me [XX Enter name of product] to try, and I think it's …"
"Some of the products I'm going to use in this video were sent to me by their manufacturers" at the start of a short video for multiple products.

SECOND, you need to include a written disclosure such as the following that accompanies the video:

"This post and video were sponsored by [XX Insert name of company sponsor XX] through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to [star in or create/produce] a post and video about [XX Insert name of brand/product XX], all opinions are my own."

What type of disclosure do I need for social media posts?

A disclosure such as #ad or #sponsored should be included at the beginning of any social media post when posting on behalf of an advertiser.

Be honest and don't be misleading

The FTC requires that your endorsement of a product represent your actual experience, so do not talk about it if you have not tried it. Also, if you were paid to try a product and thought it was terrible, do not say that you thought it was terrific.

Do not make claims about a product that would require proof of that claim which does not exist or that you do not have. For example, do not say that a product will cure a particular disease if there is no scientific evidence to prove that is true.

You are solely responsible for, and may be legally liable for, any false or misleading claims you make about a product, its manufacturer or promoter. You must review and adhere to all restrictions or guidelines regarding product reviews and content guidelines that are provided by POPSUGAR and/or POPSUGAR's advertising partners.

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