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Friends Reunion Rumors Again

Here we go again. I have written about this one a dozen times but I won't stop until we know if it is for real. Jennifer Aniston was interviewed while promoting The Break-Up and once again the Friends reunion question came up. She said she would like to play Rachel Green again. She said, "The only thing I can think of doing is maybe for fun doing a Thanksgiving episode... Our Thanksgiving episodes were really fun."

Hmm, wasn't hubby Brad a guest star on a Thanksgiving episode? Well it shows she has some good memories with Brad involved. Now that Matthew Perry is about to star in a new sitcom on NBC we think it may be harder to get the group back together but we still look forward to the chance that we'd get to see the gang again.


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emmaplayboy1992 emmaplayboy1992 8 years
I hope friends do come on because I really miss racheal, ross, monica, chandler, pheobe and joey because i keep on watchin all the episodes on dvd and i keep saying to myself they should get friends back to our screens And they should bring Emma and the twins on too. And Racheal and should get married if they do come back on our screens plz xxxxx
Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
There ARE apartments in NYC that big... they just either rent for thousands upon thousands of dollars a month or are million dollar condos. They certainly aren't rent controlled anymore.
sexyeyes sexyeyes 10 years
I hope they do. I love "Friends" it was one of my favorite shows... I was in love with Ross... I think if they decide to do a reunion it would be a success...
Scraps Scraps 10 years
I love that show. I wish it would have never ended.
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
ingrid89 ingrid89 10 years
yeah FRIENDS rocks ! I love FRIENDS, its the best show ever I hope there will be a reunion.
FrugalFranny FrugalFranny 10 years
SWEET PEAS MOM -You are right about them becoming a bit more caricaturish towards the end, especially Monica.. I never really thought about that before. I guess because when I watch the showI do it on DVD and watch through so its a slow progression. If you only watched an episode a week or less often you would notice that more
FrugalFranny FrugalFranny 10 years
i LOVE friends. I have issues with watching a series week to week. Especially 1/2 hour sitcoms. But if you get friends on DVA and sit down and watch it, it;s great! Joey was terrible... I gave that show so many chances, I really wanted to like it but it just sucked way too much. I would LOVE to see a reunion, but it would have to be good..maybe retrospective, I can't imagine how they could do it set in "current" times. About it being a unrealisitic portrait of new york, it is only a TV Show, plus the amount of scenes shot outside the apartments and coffee shop are very minimal.
cosmo3 cosmo3 10 years
I liked the early Friends shows towards the end I didn't care for it much. Joey bombed that show was just bad.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
I used to like Friends but I think the show had been overrated for a long time before it went off the air. cannot watch reruns because it just reminds me of how annoying they all were.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
never really got into this show, but i had friends that did. i thought pheobe was the funny one, and her "twin" was a crack up.
oxmomoxo oxmomoxo 10 years
I LOVED FRIENDS!!! i hope to god it happens!!!
Reeree Reeree 10 years
Meh. I'd watch it. I was and I think I still am a Friends fanatic. It's in syndication on every channel at every hour and I never pass it up. It's sick, I know.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
I love Friends ,so I would watch a reunion show. I think Thanksgiving was mentioned because I've read lots of times that the episodes the cast enjoy the most are the ones where it's just the 6 of them in 1 room, and a lot of times this was Thanksgiving. As a fan I enjoyed these episodes too.
EuroGirl EuroGirl 10 years
@ BlackBarbie : The thing is we DON'T care, the powers that be just seem to assume that we do...
sasha3 sasha3 10 years
I really hope this happens, I love that show
Lia Lia 10 years
I don't think this will happen but I hope it does..I loved Friends!!
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 10 years
I just wish towards the last seasons they hadn't all become charicatures of themselves. In the first season Monica wasn't nearly as annoying, she was just normal and then at the end, like when they're all in Barbados she's louder and more annoying... like she's trying for the funny line. (Maybe David Arquette was coaching her acting?) And Ross used to be so sweet and then he became kind of creepy. I guess most shows don't improve after the first or second season...?
ToomuchAwesomeness ToomuchAwesomeness 10 years
I would be super excited for a Friends reunion. TV is so boring these days, and it would be fun to see them again. Their show always made me laugh!
BlackBarbie21 BlackBarbie21 10 years
Why do we even still care about them?
lissa28 lissa28 10 years
aww i miss them!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
The sad thing is, that's so true pinkangel...that's why it probably 'won't' happen.............they should've just made more episodes to last another 5 yrs., then moved was so damn funny, my sister has complete DRY humor and she'll tell ya that herself so i'm not mean judging, but even with her super dry humor she cracked up here and there at every episode she watched with me....It was great while it lasted, definately*
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 10 years
We are all in agreement that Joey or, Matt Leblanc, in case you forgot is a bad actor, someone send the memo to NBC.
Isabella-Welling Isabella-Welling 10 years
i thought Friends was really funny!i hope they do a reunion!=)Joey's show sucked tho!
kidcrazy2 kidcrazy2 10 years
Booooooooooooooring. No more Friends, please. It's over and it's all on dvd if you just have to see it again.
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