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uglypoor33 uglypoor33 5 years
uglypoor33 uglypoor33 5 years
She is clearly a gold digger. Why not go for a guy who makes 40 thousand a year?? Why not go for a regular guy?? My girlfriend is prettier than her anyway.
Gelina-Whiddon Gelina-Whiddon 5 years
Clooney says in Rolling Stone that he won’t discuss whether he currently has a girlfriend, but he appears to stay in from of the camera with his alleged contract girlfriends. I have never read or heard of a supposedly private movie star who is so public with his little trashy romances. Enough already George! If the rumors are true, buy out the contract and live a real movie star life (i.e. Richard Gere, Robert Di Niro, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Samuel Jackson, Hugh Grant, Matt Damon and …)
loser60 loser60 6 years
No one is forcing george into anything - he has a camp around him big enough to protect him -he is having fun and daing someone - so what? they are both adults - the dress though? no go
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Oh and silverscreen- he doesn't look miserable - he looks like he's got another - no one forces you to hold hands- get real
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
I agree with Louise- he's a big boy- he can refuse a photo and silverscreen how do you explain them holding hands= is he a manwhore who only dates girls young enough to be his daughter- yes- is she skanky- yes, is she an airhead - yes, does she even know where Sudan is- no- is she a golddigger- of course- is that what he likes- you bettcha= they're both disugsting and deserve each other- just like the last bimbo- I sure hope he isn't hope for a big boxoffice smash with the Descendants- when Georgie has some respect for women and himself is when I go back to see him in the movies-
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
I agree with Louie- he's a big boy- he knows how to say no.She is a carbon copy of the last airhead bimbo- does she even know where Sudan is? He likes them young enough to be his daughter and skanky- I'm sure somewhere there are already naked photos of her- he has exactly who he deserves...again. She is a golddigger and he is an introduction and an opportunity to her.He uses her , she uses him- both are happy and disgusting. I sure hope he isn't counting on The Descendants being a hit- his lifestyle and lact of respect for both himself and women in general (this is the man who was quoted in newsweek saying he "f 'd too many chicks") continues to hurt his career= GOOD!!
Louie Louie 6 years
I'd be surprised if they aren't dating and he still agreed to pose with her, what with all the rumours going around. I'm sure George Clooney is old enough and big enough to say no to posing with someone if he didn't want to. Who really cares, anyway? He's acting like an old fool and she's acting like a gold digger. Looks to me like they deserve each other.
chocolate79 chocolate79 6 years
okay, i usually don't care about who George Clooney is dating, but are they really dating?? where did he find this girl? and what is she wearing?? i'm just confused with why he's with her besides the fact that she's blonde, tall, kind of look like a model.. but he could find at least 50 of this type of girl.. just not sure why he's with her..
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
George looks miserable with this liar, because he is miserable. Keibler is a sociopath.
Brangie Brangie 6 years
George looks soo happy with his new girlfriend! They make a gorgeous couple. She is really pretty, much more beautiful than the previous one. I hope they last.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
Indignation and disgust are not hate. I'm indignant about and disgusted at the deceptive publicity stunts Keibler has been doing. Her narcissistic ego is bigger than her giant head. The first set of photoshopped pics were pulled from all major websites, including PopSugar. She's still showing up at premieres and pretending to be Clooney's date, and this time she managed to put him on the spot in front of photographers, reporters, and fans. IMO, George still should have refused to pose with her.
buckeye98 buckeye98 6 years
Just because he doesn't subscribe to the marraige and children philosophy of life doesn't mean there's anything conspiratorial about his love life. The only thing that bothers me is that he seems to always date 'beneath' him as far as Hollywood hierarchies go. I would love to see him with a female power player.
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 6 years
me too bazzy, moving on....
popfaninMD popfaninMD 6 years
@littlemunchikin - I don't get all the hate either. The Clooney conspiracy doesn't exist. I mean if history repeats itself (and it usually does), Clooney will make several more red carpet appearances with her and probably take her on his yacht and fancy homes. The guy dates a lot of women.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
I don't even know who she is... Stacy the wrestler. lol To me she's just a moving statue (in blonde this time) like the rest.'re too old for the shenanigans dear. Let it go...we know.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
I don't think George has found someone - I think she's one in a long list of girlfriends. He's a confirmed bachelor.
Bazzy Bazzy 6 years
She is way too big boned/broad shouldered to pull off that dress. At least in the first photo. I don't feel like looking through the rest!
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
Is this the first time they've been together on the red carpet? I don't get all the hate about them dating - its nice that he has found someone!
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
silverscreen - they ARE dating. sorry but it's true.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
He didn't take her to the premiere, and she was not his date. They posed for some photos because Clooney was pressured into it. And that dress is very tacky, just like the previous ones.
popfaninMD popfaninMD 6 years
These photos are clearly not photoshopped and taking a woman to a premiere is a date. Clooney is smiling a lot in these photos as Popsugar indicated. They look happy together. Maybe she could wear a little less heels? You know? Her dress is beautiful and Clooney always kills in a suit.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
....okay, sure
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
The Cabo photos were photoshopped, as was the prior set of “hugging” pics that were soon pulled from all major websites, including PopSugar. The photos from The Descendants showing in NYC yesterday are real photos, but it’s clear that George was miserable in them. Keibler clearly crashed the event with Stan’s assistance, and George was put on the spot in front of cameras and reporters. He was pressured into posing with her. Keibler is not Clooney's girlfriend but a publicity escort which Stan and George's other handlers are pressuring him into accepting.
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