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Buddhatime Buddhatime 6 years
No it is not a rework. I am basing on the articles saying they arrived well she arrived on Friday. That was the 7th. Also it looks like he skipped having dinner with Stacy and her parents. He is all over the map these days. He humiated her at the hotel. I guess things are not flowing like someone hoped. Cray Cray you are looking stupid. What's the next set of drama.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
"They supposed to arrive in Cabo on the 7th of October." LOL, who's saying that? Must be Keibler trying to re-work the dates of this publicity stunt. If the pics were real instead of the photoshopped mess they actually are, Keibler's publicist would have sent them out along with the accompanying b.s. press release immediately and not waited until the 10th. Cray Cray is freaking out now because everyone knows that George was in L.A. on Thursday the 13th to honor Carl Reiner.
Buddhatime Buddhatime 6 years
They supposed to arrive in Cabo on the 7th of October. Thurs was the 13th. Hthat does not make any sense! As for the snide remarks about stay at home moms, it must be Stacy's camp. That is her end goal with George isn't it? Can someone tell me why he looked so pissed in the Cabo pics? why does the man always look pissed when he "supposedly" with his woman of his dreams for the moment? Stacy is bobbing around like someone strung out on LSD. Maybe that is what irritated him, or maybe paps were called without his approval. What did he expect? Should pick better bed partners.
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Just because you don't like skanks doesn't mean you're fat or a stay at home Mom-
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
George was in L.A. to honor Carl Reiner on Thursday night. He didn't go to Cabo.
Buddhatime Buddhatime 6 years
90292 Girl not a sore loser are you? "Fatty" women can always lose weight and more than likely have more brains than the piece meal George carts around. No talent except on their back. The haters are the ones who paid you to post your drive. Get lost!
90292Girl 90292Girl 6 years
She is a beautiful woman! Why all the women haters? Instead of being such hating overweight stay-at-home Moms, go workout and buy some nice clothes! I guarantee if she was a fatty, you all would be happy!! Dumb ugly fat stay at home Moms!!!
Gelina-Whiddon Gelina-Whiddon 6 years
Delores-Anne, you asked "how do you photoshop a hug?" Click on the link showing a photoshopped picture of the President of the USA hugging and kissing a man... The title is "President Obama Gay? Say What?" June 17, 2011 Posted by ANAV ...if Silverscreen is correct...the golden rule is "never reveal your sources" please let her follow the rule... and if she is right, one day Clooney will make it very plain who he is really with.
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
@popfaninMD- have you read the stories and interviews out of Italy on Elisabetta- about her movies, scandals etc?I can't imagine any man ever wanting to be with her - nasty stuff- but to each his own- I'm sure Stacy will grow on the public with the inevitable soon to come naked pictures, tweets and red carpet appearances....and then on to the next one
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
@silverscreen- with all due respect, your whole idea seems more than bizarre- so he didn't hug her, every entertainment site has been mislead by her, every report that claimed he never talks about his private life but he wanted to defend his ex was mislead as well, the new one happens to be everywhere he is and right next to him.....sounds a little far fetched to me and the big question is why if he isn't with these woman would he go along with the misconception,. Canalis hurt him at the box office with the American, a lot of people have lost respect for him- it makes no sense!
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
@Delores-Anne, George isn't who sent that denial about the texting, although the denial was essentially true. That denial was written by Canalis's publicist in her usual style, even using the pet name for Canalis that she uses in her blog posts but which Clooney has never used for her.
popfaninMD popfaninMD 6 years
I'm not digging Stacy. I haven't gotten over the Elisabetta split. Maybe she'll grow on me. I'm not good with change. Apparently George is! :) I'm dying to see his new movie.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
most people couldn't care less who george dates. i wen to see his new movie and it was great. he's not really in it that much but man, when he comes on the screen he steals the show.
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Oh and silverscreen, why would he put up with being linked to this hootchie if it wasn't true- everyone claimed that he really wasn't with Elisabetta and not only was he, he recently defended her claiming she did not send nasty texts to the current one- you're living in LaLa land where Clooney is this nice respectable guy instead of the man whore he apparently is!!
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Silverscreen- it's the lead story on a number of sites including wonderwall- it is what it is and that's why people think he's digusting and not going to the movies to see him- how do you photoshop a hug? You will be taking all your comments back when he shows up with her at the awards- he's a shallow, womanizer who likes airhead famewhore bimbos...why because they're pretty and willing- end of story
Donnaday Donnaday 6 years
THIS IS A JOKE! Women must be dumbest animal God ever created. Between Demi Moore and Stacy Keibler I don't know who's most stupider.
loser60 loser60 6 years
i think she is laughing with the guy to clooneys right and they are adults not hurting anyone if they want to hang out. at least he isnt clutching his stomache and doesn't always do the cliche of dating his costar. clooney is not rock hudson
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
Note the weirdly sharp line at the front of George's t-shirt in the People pic. But mostly, note that these pics will disappear just like the last photoshopped set.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
@awesomepants, Glad I made u laugh. :-) @Janineisgr8, they are photoshopped. Go to the People article and look at the pic that shows George not paying attention to her and walking into her elbow. These pics will disappear just like the last set of photoshopped pics.
Janineisgr8 Janineisgr8 6 years
silverscreen, its cool lady. It wont last long, they never do but really there isn't photoshopped girlfriend deception plot - it is what is. Hope they are happy - I am sure they will be for 2 years or so....dont go to his movies if you cant handle his personal life. I dont I think he is a joke.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
LOOOOOL @ silverscreen. Your comments made my day.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
I don't know what's sadder, the fact that Keibler is still releasing photoshopped pics complete with bogus press releases, or her thinking that summer ends in October. Oh yeah, George's house and swimming pool in Mexico look nothing like the pic that Keibler posted. Pics of his house in Mexico are readily available online, another detail that must have escaped Keibler's brilliant mind when she took and tweeted a pic of some random hotel swimming pool.
fischlein1 fischlein1 6 years
Rock Hudson and George are the same. Rock Hudson always was seen with women but------------
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
Here's one of the comments on People: You can tell the first pic's photoshop 101. Look at her elbow placement - George is going to walk right into it. He has a serious look and facing forward - she;s facing the other way and laughing to herself. We need better fake news.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
This trashiness is going to hurt George's box office even more. Such a shame. If George's rep, Stan, weren't such a sleazeball who humped Stacy with the promise of giving her a stint as a publicity escort with George, he'd release a statement saying that George has never dated her
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