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jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
George should pull out his an*l beads, twirl them around and sing "I'm Super" by Big Gay Al b/c this is getting silly
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
WHO IS Stacy Keibler? Like, what does she do? Is she an actress? Ryan looks HOT :-)
aliohh aliohh 6 years
Clooney is always the best dressed man in Hollywood. Rosling needs a stylist to help him; maybe he should go to Clooney's man (Giorgio Armani). This film looks interesting - I think it will be a hit. Kiebler looks too much like a "show girl" to last very long. These photos look like she is trying WAY too hard.
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Silverscreen you might want to check the site wonderwall - they're reporting that the two went to two parties together...guess the pr stuff was the real deal and sorry George turned out to be what most of us know him to be- a womanizing talented, nice looking Hollywood typical star
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Silverscreen do you really think an intelligent man with the kind of clout Clooney has is going to allow photoshopped pictures, make believe stories and pr nonsense to go on without doing anything about it?C'mon- he has no problem telling the press off, why would he allow this- he is with her just like he was with Canalis- the man has horrible taste in bimbos but it is what it is
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
One of the most disturbing things about all of this is that Keibler and her publicist must have planned the series of publicity stunts up to and including the TIFF stunt for weeks. They would have made arrangements for her to attend TIFF and particularly the Ides of March premiere there prior to sending out any of their press releases mentioning Clooney. Once her place in the audience at the Ides premiere was secured, the press releases began. The press releases were scheduled to go out at certain intervals to maximize and maintain press for Keibler, but those interval times did not take into account Clooney's whereabouts. The first press release was careful to state that Keibler might not be seen on any red carpets with George, as being that she wasn't even seeing George, she wouldn't be walking next to him on any red carpets. I'm quite sure that Keibler and her publicist tried everything they could to get her a ticket to the Ides premiere at Venice, but none were available. Had she been able to obtain a ticket to the Ides premiere in Venice, she would have attended the premiere alone in the hope that people would assume that Clooney had invited her, just as she did the Ides premiere in Toronto. The press release claiming that she'd met Clooney's parents disregarded the fact that Clooney was busy going from Venice to Telluride completely sans Keibler, who was in L.A. alone at that time, and that Clooney was busy sans Keibler in Italy prior to that. The Photoshopped pics released to Entertainment Tonight and to foreign media were timed to imply that Keibler had actually spent time with George in Venice despite the fact they were never even on the same continent at that time. The Ides premiere at TIFF was to be the culmination of this series of publicity stunts. Keibler had obtained a ticket to the Ides premiere in Toronto the same as any other actor in Hollywood could have done, but she intended to use that attendance as a publicity stunt to imply that Clooney had invited her there, which was just exactly what she did. Of course the ultimate hope of Keibler and her publicist in planning the series of publicity stunts was that Clooney might actually ask Keibler to be his publicity escort, so Keibler's publicity stunts also served as her audition and job application for the role of publicity escort. I think up until the press release about Keibler having met George's parents, a meeting which may actually have randomly occurred at some L.A. premiere in the past several years when Clooney's parents attended some of his premieres, George figured there was no harm in some random famewhore using his name for her publicity stunts. However, that statement about his parents of course crossed a line. Any more such stunts from Keibler, and Clooney may issue a statement saying that he hasn't been dating her. Of course Keibler and her publicist knew all along that was a possibility, but they didn't care, as they managed to get some trashy publicity. It doesn't matter to Keibler how the publicity was obtained, that it was at the expense of other people. All she cares about is that she got the publicity. She will now have the reputation of a user, something not uncommon in Hollywood, but for a C-lister who is not in a position of power, that reputation could be the death nell for what could have been a promising future in Hollywood. She might get some sort of D-list opportunities as a result of her publicity stunt campaign, maybe as a host on a wrestling show or some such thing.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Who cares if he's gay or not? If he doesn't feel comfortable admitting it, he doesn't have to.
Gracebewithyou Gracebewithyou 6 years
I am getting really tired of George and all his girlfriends and philandering ways. Frankly, I think he is a (closet) gay. He reminds me of Rock Hudson or Richard Chamberlain. Both leading Hollywood (closet gay)men with a slew of beauties at their side all the time.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
awesomepants, pretty much any actor can attend a premiere at a film festival. Keibler and her publicist planned this weeks ago even before they sent out that first press release saying she's seeing Clooney. They haven't even been in the same city at the same time until Toronto. It doesn't add up. If she were actually with George, she'd be walking the red carpets next to him and sitting next to him inside the theatres, but she's not.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
Silverscreen, I'm not sure why the pictures were taken down but those two are definitely together. Do you think Stacey gets invited to these sorts of things? Honestly, do you really think that he didn't know she was going to show up? If he didn't want her there she wouldn't have been there. His people know who's going to show up. There are no surprises when it comes to George Clooney. This was all planned. End of. If you need to see more proof you'll get it just wait a little longer. I know it's hard to take in but it's not that hard when you think of her as what she really is: a beard.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
Okay, it's not letting me post the links, but if you go to Clooney's IMDB page, there is a thread titled Photoshop for dummies that has the links. The website didn't mention or apparently notice the error and write as though the pics are authentic, so they didn't add the error to the pic.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
@awesomepants, if the pics were taken down, that means they were fake, photoshopped pics, and George or his rep requested that they be taken down. The other set of pics supposedly of them together were photoshopped, too. Entertainment Tonight had finished editing those pics prior to showing them, but at least one website published one of the pics without correcting the Photoshop error, which is a big floating finger in the pic. I'll try to post a link to the website and pic...
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
Burkina, Ryan's mom is almost always his date to big events. He hasn't had another date like that since Rachel. I think he much prefers taking the ladies to Disneyland anyway (gag).
fabmichile fabmichile 6 years
ryan is so hot, wheew!
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Ryan has slept with everyone in Hollywood and yet he couldn't get a date?
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 6 years
Silverscreen- first Elisabetta had a contract and now this one is faking it- George might be handsome, talented and a humanitarian but he has a penchant for young, airhead women who can't keep their clothing on ....I feel his pain- getting old sucks but bedding young women isn't going to make him any younger...just desperate and creepy- his womanizing takes away from his talent and efforts- he needs to grow up and date someone mature with a brain. And yes her dress was tacky- what do you think of Canalis dancing with the stars??I won't watch because of her!
piscot piscot 6 years
ryaaaan <3
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
^There were pictures of them together early yesterday. I would link them but they were taken down. I think at this point we can all agree that she's bearding for George. He creates this fake playboy persona to throw us off the scent. I kind of hate him a little for snapping at the TIFF reporter. Ryan looks gorgeous.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Too much handsome, I can't handle it. and are those Evan Rachel's new teeth?
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
"Stacey Keibler was right behind George as they returned to their hotel at the end of the evening, and he even sweetly stopped to grab her hand and make sure she was okay as they made their way through the fan frenzy in the lobby." I see that Keibler's publicity team is still busy with the b.s. press releases and tweets. Pics, or it didn't happen. I don’t think Keibler was there with Clooney at all. I think she just showed up on her own as another publicity stunt, the same as she’s been doing with those weird press releases her publicist has been sending out about her and Clooney. Pretty much anyone in the entertainment business can attend a premiere at a film festival. There are zero pics of them together. Also, her dress was the tackiest thing ever.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
Ahh, handsome overload! Loving Gosling's shoes.
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