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George Clooney With Stacy Keibler at Toronto International Film Festival (Video)

Video: George Clooney Goes Public With Stacy Keibler, Brad Pitt Arrives With Angelina Jolie, and More TIFF Couples!

George Clooney finally went public with rumored girlfriend Stacy Keibler. The stars walked the carpet separately at the premiere for The Ides of March at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, but they were by each other's side at an afterparty — our own PopSugar editors even spotted them at their hotel! Get the details on the couple's weekend, as well as news on the rest of the festival's couples, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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Gelina-Whiddon Gelina-Whiddon 5 years
Clooney says in Rolling Stone (November 2011) that he won’t discuss whether he currently has a girlfriend, but he appears to stay in from of the camera with his alleged contract girlfriends. I have never read or heard of a supposedly private movie star who is so public with his little trashy romances. Enough already George! If the rumors are true, buy out the contract and live a real movie star life (i.e. Richard Gere, Robert Di Niro, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Samuel Jackson, Hugh Grant, Matt Damon and …)
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 5 years
Silverscreen- he's too nice- ???that's almost as funny as a comment on E where a fan claimed that he can't get married because his family are Catholic and he's been divorced...I am still laughing!!He likes playing with young women....a few months after this there will be another and another explanation of why they aren't together...I get it- if hemarries and it doesn't work out, he ends up losing alot of money but let's just call him what he is- charming, handsome, intelligent, humanitarian but a womanizer
Janineisgr8 Janineisgr8 5 years
Stop the all the conspiracy theory stuff. They are together - poor girl - he's a complete manwhore. Already one to another chick, 5 minutes after the last one.
silverscreen silverscreen 5 years
Keibler was not with Clooney. She is doing a publicity stunt campaign and going to TIFF was part of that. They were never even in the same car together. Keibler only managed to get in the same photo frames because she followed Clooney out as he was leaving. They left in separate cars. I do wish he'd publicly deny the dating rumors, but I guess he's too nice to do that to Keibler even though she's being very dishonest.
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 5 years
George's latest floozey of the week is HUGE!!! Hey silverscreen dispute the photos!!! Just admit he might be charming (at times) handsome (after work) but he is afterall a shallow womanizier and the latest not too different from Elisabetta- the girl wants to be famous and he has the ticket...shame on you George for letting these wannabee girls use you and your fame- grow up!!
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