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George Punks Bruce

George Clooney is famous for his pranks so he had some fun with his buddy Bruce Willis and his daughter Rumer at a party. George told Bruce lots of middle-aged men were hitting on his newly 18-year-old daughter, but Rumer totally ruined the prank as Bruce was getting super mad. The Gatecrasher reports:

At Scott Caan's photo exhibit party in Los Angeles, Clooney told his buddy that "several of the middle-aged guests were hitting on his 18-year-old daughter, Rumer."

Says our spy: "Bruce kept getting madder and madder with each guy George mentioned."

Eventually the jig was up when Rumer came over and said, "Dad, George told me to tell you that — uh, I forget his name — was talking to me."

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Luna13 Luna13 10 years
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
they should of invited more of ashtons friends as his age group is closer to hers
Desert Desert 10 years
He's her dad. Its doesn't matter that he's dated someone young enough to be his own daughter. Its natural for him to want to protect her. Especially given that he has first hand knowledge of how young middle-aged men can go. ;)
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Bruce might be getting mad, but Rumer is 18, so technically she could date a middle-aged guy if she wanted too. Bruce doesn't seem to mind going after women around the same age as his daughter. It seems hypocritical of him to get mad at this prank.
audreystar audreystar 10 years
i think the prank set-up is a little stupid. couldn't george think of something better?
highsociety1 highsociety1 10 years
Bruce should have known it was a joke. Like any man would actually be hitting on his Jay-Leno-face-look-a-like daughter.
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 10 years
Isn't that the age of his last fling, 18 ?? lol !! I love Bruce ... Rumor is a cute girl, she lost a ton of weight, thank God.
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Not a smart prank for a dad
Faye16 Faye16 10 years
Haha, go on, George! And I agree, Rumor is ugly.
TNgirl TNgirl 10 years
Bruce is very good looking for his age and he is a really good actor also. Him and Demi were a great couple, I wish they were still together also. :)
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 10 years
I wonder what's going on with Rumer's acting career? Her mom used to put her in some of her films when she was younger.
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 10 years
her bag is way cute.
desidoll88 desidoll88 10 years
I agree, peepshow. The girls are fugly. :o
Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
Tallulah's a cutie. Rumer's a little scary.
peepshow peepshow 10 years
Who cares? They (the kids)'re all not cute.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
and yes, that is scout in the pic, not rumer
wendymac98 wendymac98 10 years
Because I love PopSugar so much, I want you guys to always be accurate- because you usually are- but you have Rumer's name misspelled. It is actually "Rumer" not "Rumor".
PetuniaGirl PetuniaGirl 10 years
Babsee's right - I think that's actually Scout in the pic.
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 10 years
i like bruce. he is a good looking man. seriously. anyways hehehe at him getting punk'd by anyone.
desidoll88 desidoll88 10 years
Me, too, merryunbirthday. (Only because Ashton would still be on the market!);)
babsee babsee 10 years
hey- that's not Rumor-- that pic is the middle one, whats-er-name.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Ohhhhhhhh, misread that. In that case, fire away George!
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 10 years
i wish bruce & demi never broke up... :-(
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 10 years
jen, it wasn't his daughter's was scott caan's art show. & i hate to say it, but bruce needs to learn a lesson from all that. wasn't he banging 19-yr old ll??
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 10 years
Bruce is so cool! I like his movies!!
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