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SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 9 years
I hope he didn't know all of this stuff was out there. It would seem cruel to know all of this crap was out there he did nothing to stop it from coming out. Why put someone you care about through such public humiliation.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I thought George was already aware of her past anyway, so it coming out wouldn't have been that shocking.
sidra5397 sidra5397 9 years
Nope. I still don't like Sarah Larson an believe me, I've tried. I'm not even that big a fan of George Clooney. I'd like to see him with a woman his age. I'm just uneasy about this pairing not to mention that despite all the pics and stories that have come out, I still think she's hiding more... Hmm I wonder what George's friends like Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt think of her...
scottdavis0676 scottdavis0676 9 years
If I was George, I would be giving everybody the proverbial finger. So what if she has a sordid past, doesn't mean she is incorrigible. People can AND do change all the time, just because the vox populi has written her off doesn't mean George has to. Obviously I don't know the dynamics of their relationship, but if George is happy with her and doesn't feel as if she is a deleterious influence, then more power to him. He knew what he was signing onto, and he chose to go down that path. I think it is chivalrous of him to defend her. By the way, he looks much more distinguished and handsome with the silver hair AND a beard to match. I have always been amazed how good he makes facial hair look!
letsgetreal letsgetreal 9 years
George is very handsome but I think that phone call came from someone he knows who really care about him and they felt that he could do better because of her past that is constantly haunting her which eventually more pictures will appear because he open this can of worms by going to NY Post. George wants his fan base to take him serious, How? This girl has been to college and has a degree but chose to go into this field of work. I don't feel sorry for her one bit and neither for George. I think he did this to get people's mind off the movie he produced that bombed in theaters. George everything that looks good doesn't mean that it good for you. WAKE UP, you can do better.
talie talie 9 years
he is so gorgeous and what fine man he is i love him.sara is so lucky to have him.
Manoukia Manoukia 9 years
What a real gentleman the Clooney is! He doesn't take his (former?) escort to Europe for the promos! Maybe because the press there doesn't like how publicists here try to control everything, and often get away with it, free speech or not. And to try and whitewash someone's past - when there are countless photos of Ms Larson that never show her serving one single cocktail, but instead airing her private parts or being dry-humped by customers against the wall weeks after she allegedly met GC and fell in love - that show his true class, how pitiful! Start practicing what you preach, George, and keep your private life private!
clooneywoman clooneywoman 9 years
i really like Sarah but UGH i don't know maybe am i jealous people???
clooneywoman clooneywoman 9 years
finally!! i am here now hearing some good new about my Georgie. i just don't really know what to say you know that i am (clooneywoman) who didn't leave any topic for George and doesn't leave a comment but anyway i really hope he leave her well i am not saying or hoping to be single again!but i really hope for him just trying to discuss this thing with himself and be with someone who really fall in love with cause he's a great man....i didn't meet him ever but i can feel it he's George clooney!!!
Candice80 Candice80 9 years
George is looking great in those pics, partially cause Sarah is not on his arm. I'm actually getting sick of talking about her; she's not an interesting person at all, just ARM CANDY.
starry16 starry16 9 years
The points made by misha are what made me think this was a PR stunt. This happened months ago, is a small part of the article, but for some reason, this uninteresting little bit, that GC did not make a big deal of at the time, is suddenly spread all over the net the day after Leatherheads had a disappointing weekend. I think his PR people sent this out to all the entertainment blogs last nite, now everyone is talking about this instead of his movie. Just an idea though, I could be wrong.
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 9 years
My bad it does say Sudan, not the UN Messenger ceremony.
misha135 misha135 9 years
He did the interview the middle of January, before the Oscars. It was the day he did this "Oscar Roundtable" for Newsweek w/Angelia, Daniel Day-Lewis, and some other nominees. If you read the 10-page article from the New Yorker, there's only a small part about the phone call. And he plays it for Sarah for the first time in front of the reporter. He doesn't defend her to the reporter. Lets Sarah talk for herself. And he sort of makes light about it. This was over 2 1/2 months before the STAR article and all the pics hit the mainstream media. And he's not saying anything about her now, nor did he bring her to NY and she's not going w/him to Europe. Here's the New Yorker article: By the way, I think he looks incredibly HOT in the picture posted her on popsugar!
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 9 years
I think you are right socalian about it being a publicity stunt to garner sympathy for the hoe bag. The writer states in the interview ( The New Yorker) it took place a few days before the U.N Messenger ceremony and George Clooney was in New Delhi Jan. 27-29 and prior to that he was in Africa since a few days after the BAFTA awards. The U.N Messenger was Jan 31. I seriously doubt if Clooney had enough time to fly to Cali, do the interview and fly to NYC in less than 24 hours. So, someone is lying.
starry16 starry16 9 years
This whole thing--making a big deal about the silly phone call--sounds like a PR stunt to me. Maybe to take the medias notice away from Leatherheads bad opening weekend. Clooney has supposedly pulled some major pranks in his day...why get excited about a stupid prank phone call? I doubt if it was intended to be a serious threat. I've gotten wierder prank calls than that & I'm a soccer mom. If George is finally getting sensitive about the general perception of his GF, then its probably because of how it reflects on him; although, I still lean towards PR stunt. Leatherheads looks cute. We plan on seeing it this week. Have a nice day everyone.
JennaV JennaV 9 years
I agree with the majority of you....he does seem to have a thing for skanky girls. He is so hot, intelligent, and classy and then he has a skank on his arm I don't get it. There are many women out there that are hot and not trashy. Anyways, I went to see his movie and I loved it! Did it really tank that badly? It was in second place, I though :?
GoneZaggyGirl GoneZaggyGirl 9 years
When did George Clooney get old? Look at that silver fox!
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 9 years
1. George looks good ! :) 2.Sorry gang, but she denied being a stripper ,but not an escort. Let's make that perfectly clear!!! Also what Lainey said, she never mentioned her work with or those pictures, not to mention that "movie" she is in. 3.Dude was right,George is going to be SORRY !! There's a story in the works from 60 minutes about one of her associates/bosses and his connection with some fraudulent gambling enterprise. She was one of the "promotional models" for this company, I wonder if 60 minutes will mention her by name and what her role was. New things about her just keep on coming out. 4. I hope he truly loves her (eww)and is sticking by her side and is not just being a petulant child again because everyone doesn't like her and he's going to stick it through just because. She is extremely negative influence on his career and it is not going to get any better, I think it is going to get worse. Jealous? I don't think a middle age man is jealous. She's nice looking, but not pretty or stunning. Bruce Willis has a girlfriend another man would be jealous of, not Clooney. Clooney has some trash that no one wants.
coriollis coriollis 9 years
He's looking his age here
marybethrizalucy marybethrizalucy 9 years
He's a pompous ass. I am surprised he did not try to get the FBI involved. George sure can dish it out but he can never take it. I did not know she was rumored to be an escort!
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
I don't understand why he's so stuck on her. SIGH :(
dorislessing dorislessing 9 years
It would always have to mind the words..the insults. pics or not pics...i like Sarah.
sofi sofi 9 years
No one has made him out to be an angel- that wouldn't be any fun ;)
prada727 prada727 9 years
I agree they are just jealous. I like how everyone acts like George doesn't have any kind of scandalous past. lol
Woop Woop 9 years
George does seem to like em dirty and a tad skanky. :) If she's his type, she's his type. He's choosing her. About the whole "escort" thing, I like laineygossip's comment on it: "No honey, we don’t think you’re en escort because you’re from Vegas. And we don’t think you’re an escort because you used to serve cocktails. We think you’re an escort because you worked for Because you were employed by the gambling industry to 'entertain' high rollers. If that’s not a f*cking escort, what is?" Der.
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