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Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston Butt Grabbing Photo 2010-04-02 13:30:00

Gerard Butler Laughs Off Jennifer Aniston Butt Touching Pic — Fair Explanation or No Way to Deny the Grab?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are back from their whirlwind European tour promoting The Bounty Hunter on red carpets in many countries — but it's one behind-the-scenes photo from Paris that still has people talking. In this shot it looks an awful lot like Gerard is getting handsy with Jennifer Aniston, though he denies that there was any frisky business. During a radio interview this morning, Gerard played it coy about the photo and their relationship, saying:

"I'm a bit of a bad boy . . . by the way, I'm still not sure my hand was really on her butt. I think that's just the way the camera was angled . . . I actually haven't seen [the photo]. . . . If I was going out with Jennifer, I'd be more than happy to say I'm going out with Jennifer — it's just not true."

So what do you think of his answer — fair explanation and everyone's reading too much into it or still think he was totally touching her?

Image Source: Ramey
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ImaneAssi ImaneAssi 4 years
He's disgusting.Has no respect for himself or her.Thank God he's out of her life
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 7 years
While this type of photo might class up a trailer park......these 2 are pathetic and quite sickening
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 7 years
Too funny!
Glamorme Glamorme 7 years
only because rob said he was allergic vaginas
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
#30 have you ever heard of the word respect? Well, if my husband ever touched me like this in public I would nail his @ss. If a woman does not have respect for herself why should "all" the man or any man have respect for her. From these photos it shows that "America Sweetheart" has some very important issues such as low self esteem.
jenis1 jenis1 7 years
brangeloonies are way too delusional
Joanna Joanna 7 years
Actually if you go to Raimey pix you will see that it is not what it looks like in this photo. He has his hand curled and is moving it up and it is not in her butt. I haven't seen any other pictures on TMZ so I don't know what they took.
nygurl nygurl 7 years
gerry's a perv.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
Classy, very private and all the other objects that you use to describe this woman fall flat on you face. You do this in the privacy of your home but definitely NOT in public. And this idiot "confessed" that he is a naughty "boy", BOY at 40 he is more of an idiot IMO. If Jennifer does not clean up her act she is doomed to be the laughing stock of HW. I believe she there already. Jennifer is a tool of her own design.
lesan82 lesan82 7 years
i dont know????
jenis1 jenis1 7 years
this is crap.this pic is photoshopped.
gigglechic8 gigglechic8 7 years
Looks like a little more than a butt grab to me...where is his fingers? LOL he can grab my butt any day :) he's smokin hot and love the accent
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