We had so much fun launching FitSugar last week that we have decided to do it again. Get excited because our byte-sized humor site, GiggleSugar is coming soon! See below for a sneak peek:

Dear Kate Moss:

Word on the street is that you might dump your skinny jeans and start wearing stuff like this. What are those anyway--capri flares?

Look, Kate, I know it's your world and we fashion stragglers just live in it, but I just got these skinny jeans a few months ago, and I'll be damned if you're going to make me chuck them now. In addition to my monetary sacrifice, I discovered that in order not to look like I was wearing a post-lipo girdle, I had to cut out my nightly white wine, Ruffles and jalapeno-flavored cheese sauce ritual.

I didn't do this for nothin', sister, so you'd better squeeze your skinny ass back into those Siwys for at least a few more months and quit showing off. You look good in everything. We get it.


A disgruntled fan

These days there’s not a lot out there that’s funny and not totally vicious. GiggleSugar is trying to do something different--so prepare to get your Giggle On!

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