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nadiap nadiap 4 years
Seriously Anon76 you need a hobby.  Everybody knows Jack lives with his mother.  The fact remains Gisele has been his stepmom and has been taking care of him since he was a baby.  Why? because she loves him and he spends time on and off with both her and Brady since he was a baby.  You have a problem with that take some medicine.  The way you stalk someone you don't like is pretty creepy.   If she's pregnant so what.  It's her business.  She's been on the covers of magazines all over the globe she does Not need photo-op.  Puhleaaaaaaase!!
Anon76 Anon76 4 years
She is definitely preggers.  She is wearing the pregnancy pants - you know the ones with the elastic waist band that fold over:
jaan_black jaan_black 4 years
who the fcuk cares? chick's been in his life for years and she sees him when she can - end of story...that little boy is adorable
jaan_black jaan_black 4 years
 @Perfection2011 having an opinion often backfires on this site but keep typing whatever the h3ll you want - you'll separate yourself from the followers
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
 @schnuffi And Im the Queen of England!
schnuffi schnuffi 5 years
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
 @schnuffiUm, no he was not with them.  Stop the LIES!  
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
 @schnuffi  Um, no, he wasn't.  Jack was with them in California for Easter.  But that was it.  Try again.  Stop with the LIES!
schnuffi schnuffi 5 years
 @Anon76  Jack was with in Costa Rica. They were in Costa Rica in April, too (before REd Sox Game)  And she travel not a lot. SHe was only in Brasil and Paris, You know nothing about them.
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
 @shellry25  So your saying that PopSugar LIES!  Thanks for clarifying! And yes, she spends time with Jack.  Maybe on average one weekend a month through football season.  Maybe an occasional weekend once a month now.  And maybe half the summer.  Not much!  But then again, she doesn't spend a lot of time with her own son given her travel schedule.  Maybe she'll start spending more time at home though, now that she is pregnant (Yes, I do think she is pregnant too because she hides from the camera a lot more recently.  She only did that when she was pregnant). But other than summer time, the overall amount of time together is limited at best.
shellry25 shellry25 5 years
 @Anon76  @shelly25 I can give a rats a** Bridget talk when this is a Gisele topic. I think everyone who follows this couple knows she has 1 son and 1 step son. No where did it even insinuate she is his mother. But uh she is married and does live with Tom and it is her son's brother / her step son so, of course she spends time with and is close to him. Is that a crime? Even Bridge herself said he is lucky to have so many loving him. and I didnt say you cared if she was pregnant or not. LOL Jack will have 2 siblings now.
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
@shelly25 Honestly I couldn't give a rats a** if Gisele is pregnant or not.  What I care about is PS acting like Gisele is Jack's mom.  She sees Jack on average one week a month when its football season, and on vacations the rest of the time.  Jack lives with his Mom full time in NYC.
shellry25 shellry25 5 years
 @Anon76  @schnuffi they're insinuating. They say alot of things with wrong info or insinuations I've seen on multiple occasions. (getting her dogs name wrong etc)  Dont read so heavily into it. They dont even know why she was in Paris. She was in Paris shooting for Chanel with Mario Testino. and she is pregnant based on many signs that they dont even mention. They're just going with what they know/think, and its not alot... Gisele ain't feeding nothing to them lmao. Dont get so offended when the press mentions her step child. He is in her life regardless of when,where,what. People from the Boston forums need to quit stalking this woman 24/7 if they dont like her. The ONLY people who know or care about Bridget's wheareabouts and have to mention her, when she is no where to be found/mentioned are people from there....I'm pretty sure I don't see Gisele's fans stalking her every move, nor caring. I couldn't tell you one thing about that woman other than she is brunette,played Natasha on SATC ten years ago, and dated Tom Brady. He dated her for what 2 years? He married Gisele and they've been together for 6 years now, move on!
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
 @schnuffi @shellry25 First off,  Jack was NOT in Costa Rica with Tom and Gisele.  He was home with Bridget.  There were photos of Tom,Gisele and Ben in Costa Rica with friends.  And there were photos of Bridget, McG and Jack in NYC at the same time.  And Gisele does travel a lot, and she has spent most of her non-travel time in LA, not Boston since after the superbowl.    But since Gisele  is private, I guess you are saying that PopSugar LIED because they have no idea when/if Gisele spent anytime with Jack.
shellry25 shellry25 5 years
 @Anon76 oh please. she is private., she wont be announcing her pregnancy via new york post unlike some. and Popsugar follows her fansites on twitter, who cares about his ex. Its 2012 move along.
schnuffi schnuffi 5 years
 @Anon76   She is the most time in Boston or LA: she travel not a lot They were together in Costa Rica April 2012   she look pregnant
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
so which is it???  Is Pop Sugar LYING? or is Gisele arranging photo ops and story lines to the Paps????     
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
Also, how does Pop Sugar know if and when Gisele spent time with Jack???  There are no recent photos of the two of them.  So either the writer of this article is making it up, or she is talking to Gisele directly - in other words, Gisele feeds the paps information. 
Anon76 Anon76 5 years
@nadiap Um, Jack lives with his mom, Bridget and goes to school full time in NYC.  Jack visits Tom on school vacations and every other weekend when they are in Boston.  Given her constant travel schedule, her time in LA, I doubt she has spent more than a weekend a month with him since January. 
shellry25 shellry25 5 years
gosh Tom Brady's mini me much? soo cute.
nadiap nadiap 5 years
@ Drab Well he's not your son so one wonders why you have your panties in a bunch.  He's  her stepson and she has been taking care of him sinve he was a baby .  Before coming here spreading hatred of someone you don't know why don't you read Bridget's interviews.  In her last one she said something like my son is lucky to have lot of people in his life who love him. You might also want to get your facts straight.  Gisele was dating Brady about two months  before Bridget announced she's pregnant in the tabloid.  I even read in a magazine that she didn't know she was pregnant when she and Brady broke up.  The lying media wanted to set her up as the villain in this mess so they can exploit it of course.  Brady could have left her and go back to his EX.  He didn't because he didn't want to.  You can't force people to love you.  They either do or they don't.  As for her attractiveness, you're entitled to your opinion.  She does not look like barbie (the Best thing about her in my opinion)  Seriously they're a dime a dozen.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Again why are you stalking and clicking on someone you don't like. 
DRad DRad 5 years
Not going to comment on the attractiveness of Gisele, but I really get tired of the constant characterization of Jack as being one of "her guys" or her son, etc.  He IS the son of Bridget Moynahan, the beautifully, talented woman that Brady dumped to be with Gisele when she was pregnant with Brady's baby.  Gisele may be his step-mother, but I would be offended if my son was consistently portayed by the media as Gisele's!
CarolLuz CarolLuz 5 years
She seams so happy ! and Perfection 2011 beauty is on the eye of the beholder . I am sure if she wasn't pretty she wouldn't be the most successful model in the world ! 
regalangel regalangel 5 years
how cute!
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
Just don't think her face is beautiful at all - her body rocks but don't think she is pretty or cute - i know start ripping on me
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