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Gisele's Comments Against Sunscreen Attract Controversy — Irresponsible or Understandable?

Gisele's Sunscreen Is "Poison" Comments Attract Controversy — Irresponsible or Understandable?

Gisele Bundchen looked amazing showing on the runway modeling for Colcci during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, though some non-style-related comments she recently made have landed her in hot water. The supermodel, who is well-known for her love of organic beauty products, angered anti-cancer advocates by saying she's not a fan of chemical-filled sunscreens. Gisele said, "I cannot put this poison on my skin . . . I do not use anything synthetic." It's the latest controversial statement from Gisele, who also ruffled the feathers of her fellow mothers last year by saying breastfeeding for six months should be a law. Gisele seems undeterred when it comes to speaking her mind, though she has clarified her contentious words in the past. So, tell us what you think of her latest quote — irresponsible or understandable?

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
Burkina Burkina 6 years
The israelis are doing to the palestinians what was done to them. You'd think they'd know what opression is like. They are swimming in wealth but kill, murder and rape the people of Palestine. America just sits back and supports them.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
please don't take a bytch nicknamed "Gis" seriously...she can't form an English sentence to save her life and perhaps man face SHOULD stay out of the sun, Lord knows what she'd look like covered in freckles...check the ingredients on your sunblock but you must wear some version of it - end of story
moam-network moam-network 6 years
wow this is crazy!!!! There are a lot of poisonous and dangerous things in life natural and especially man made chemicals and things like cigarettes which kills billions of people!!!! we think people are entitle to their opinion and are able to express how they feel as everyone has the right of free speach!!!!! Wither that you agree with it or not, you can never please everyone!!!! all we can safely say is live and love life as it only happens once!!!
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Bar Refaeli is an idiot, we all know that. Gisele and her have something in common besides Leo. " I supose Israel continuing to steal and building on palestinian lands, oppressing and murdering the palestinian people for the last 60+ yrs is what? forward-thinking? What do they say about throwing stones while you leave in Glass Houses" ^^^ Truer words have never been spoken.
Wedgie-Queen Wedgie-Queen 6 years
I've had skin cancer, so I understand more than most how important sunblock is. But I also am a big fan of organic cosmetics, and I have to agree with Gisele that a lot of conventional sunblocks are filled with ingredients I don't feel comfortable putting on my skin. (Retinol palmate, for example, has been linked to increased risk of skin cancer, and other synthetic sunscreen ingredients have been found in people 's bloodstreams.) Fortunately, there are a wide variety of organic sunscreens that rely on zinc or titanium dioxide to block both UVA and UVB rays very effectively, and these minerals are put in a base of natural ingredients like olive oil and other fully pronounceable inactive ingredients. The main problem with Gisele's statements is they might discourage people who can't afford organic sunblocks from using any sunblock at all - which is much more dangerous than using conventional sunblocks.
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