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Greasy Firecrotch

It's amazing that people even care what Brandon Davis is doing but he is still being followed and currently looking greasier than ever while soaking up the sun in Maui. Back in May we were shocked and disgusted when greasy Brandon Davis went off, on camera, dissing Lindsay Lohan. He called her poor, made fun of her ex, Wilmer, and even more memorable, made the term "firecrotch" the most over used word of the year. Brandon finally apologized but we could not get over his vulgarity. He also kicked off the theme of crotches which would later be flashed by most young starlets this year including Paris, Britney and LL. Let's hope 2007 brings us classy girls who close their legs, know how to exit vehicles and wear proper undergarments. As for Brandon, we're not sure there is much hope for him but since we never want to see anyone miserably fail, let's hope he can get clean and by that we mean shower and sober.

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