The cast of Grey's Anatomy all came out in Hollywood to celebrate the DVD release of the show's second season. No secrets were revealed for the 3rd season, except for one major detail... the Meredith-Derek-Addison drama will finally be resolved; well, sorta. Here's more:

"Well, I think that you do see it, there is definitely a resolution, otherwise it becomes a really strange isosceles triangle," Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Shepherd) told AP Television.

"So you see a resolution to the love triangle and you see all of the characters on their own a little more, myself included," she added. "The relationship becomes in it's proper proportion. You see them who they are as a person and who they are professionally in a whole new and different way."

We can hardly wait for the new season's debut on September 21st! If you missed the clip of the new season, just click here. Lots more images of the rest of the cast after the break so

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