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Guess The 4th of July Bikini Photo Quiz!

Guess the 4th of July Beach Body!

Every year, the 4th of July holiday gives our favorite stars a chance to hop in a swimsuit and head to the beach. What better way to get ready for the long weekend than by testing your knowledge on what bikini celebrities wore while celebrating in years past? Take our quiz and try to match the beautiful bodies with their famous faces. For more fun quiz action, check out all of our Pop Bikini Quizzes!

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Guess who showed her 4th of July spirit in a red bikini?

2 of 10

Guess who wore a teeny white bikini?

3 of 10

Guess who spent some quality time on the beach with a tot?

4 of 10

Guess who tried to catch a wave?

5 of 10

Guess who was being handed a towel?

6 of 10

Guess who didn't mind getting her wrap all wet?

7 of 10

Guess which brunette beauty strutted her stuff in Malibu?

8 of 10

Guess who enjoyed her holiday on a yacht?

9 of 10

Guess who celebrated in France two years ago?

10 of 10

Guess which blonde who got her start on TV was having a ball?

Join The Conversation
xmarlysx xmarlysx 8 years
7 out of 10
winina winina 8 years
5/10?? huhh
AmyAmes1031 AmyAmes1031 8 years
constantina constantina 8 years
earn 35 points!!!
Puke Puke 8 years
only 3 haha
eveday eveday 8 years
dnye dnye 8 years
HAHAHA! number 9.
ana-isabel ana-isabel 9 years
9/10 :)
tashke94 tashke94 9 years
5/10, not bad and not good
laura1jl laura1jl 9 years
9/10 the one I missed was the Camilla Alves one.
Rosicat Rosicat 9 years
confused.I got several right and it said I got 0-10??
Babyboop1983 Babyboop1983 9 years
I suck!!! 5/10 =(
XDeexDeeX XDeexDeeX 9 years
7 out of 10 some of them i clicked the button and would be like, NO I MEANT THIS!!! ahaharahaahggghhh
ritaflafla ritaflafla 9 years
she has such an ugly body! zero curves! and i don't think she is pretty either...
caligirl101 caligirl101 9 years
5/10. So, Brody was at the beach with 2 of the girls? Wow, he gets around.
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 9 years
I am disturbed with myself because I got a 10/10... I am no lesbo, just obsessed with celebs! ha ha!
rakuel rakuel 9 years
6/10...that was pretty hard...
njnetsfan34 njnetsfan34 9 years
9/10 babyyy :D
anniec anniec 9 years
i only got 5/10, haha! kristin cavallari is so cute!
somebody somebody 9 years
10 /10
Xemena Xemena 9 years
cosmogirl cosmogirl 9 years
10 out of 10. Booya.
fromanawithlove fromanawithlove 9 years
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
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