Spring is in full bloom and with Summer just around the corner, we can't help but notice that bikini season has officially started here on PopSugar. Just this week we've seen Heidi Montag, Lindsay Lohan, and Rihanna enjoying some fun in the sun time, but have you been paying attention to the swimsuit-clad stars of the past? Take our quiz to find out, and check out all of the bikini goodness here.

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Guess who's in green?

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Guess who's rocking the red?

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Guess who chatted away on the beach?

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Guess who rang in the new year in Miami?

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Guess who's walking the beach with her man?

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Guess who took a swim?

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Guess who's gearing up for a boat ride?

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Guess who accessorized her bikini with a bracelet?

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Guess who's beautiful in blue?

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Guess who's looking futuristic?