Summer is almost here, which means it's time to break out the swimsuits and hit the beach and pool. Of course, the same goes for all of our favorite celebs who can't get enough of their tropical vacations and time spent lounging in the sun. Take our quiz and see if you can match the beautiful bodies with their famous faces. Then, don't forget to check out all our Pop Bikini Quizes!

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Guess who is avoiding tan lines?

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Guess who is pregnant and in a bikini?

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Guess who's hanging in the ocean?

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Guess which celebrity couple played a little game of peek-a-boo?

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Guess which sexy reality TV star loves her green bikini?

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Guess which young male actor is all wet?

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Guess which celebrity couple was getting frisky in the sun?

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Guess who was basking in the sun on a boat?

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Which beach blonde showed off her flat stomach?

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Guess who is getting into his beach volleyball game?

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Guess which couple looked hot in St. Tropez in 2005?

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Guess who needs a tan?

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Guess who is filming in Hawaii?

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Guess who spent a family day at the beach?

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Guess who is on a yacht?

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Guess which blond star was splashing around in Hawaii?

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Guess who went on a steamy vacation in the Maldives?

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Guess who is running through the waves?

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Which multi talented star was out taking pictures in her bikini?

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Guess which secret lady looks sexy in next to nothing?