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Guess Who? 2009-04-09 16:45:00

Guess Who?

What's more fun than a few guess whos at the end of the day? Get guessing!

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Guess who's heading to the gym?

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Guess who's getting into a car?

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Guess which blonde is kissing her guy?

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Guess which newsman was walking in NYC?

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Guess who's making an adjustment?

Join The Conversation
biarose biarose 8 years
Heidi Montag one was easy. I don't get her.. she's goes on about Jesus, but she acts like such a skank all the time!
Karelynn Karelynn 8 years
Aw, 2/5. & Gross to Heidi and Spencer.
miz-vanessa-anne miz-vanessa-anne 8 years
4 for 5.. for some reason i didn't get the heidi one. i really don't like her her or spencer. ugh.
Fashonvictim Fashonvictim 8 years
2/5 BAD :(
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 8 years
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
Clean 5!
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
4/5 Pop - please stop featuring Heidi and makes me nauseous.
SpeakLike-aChild SpeakLike-aChild 8 years
ha, I confused Heidi and Pamela Anderson too.
nutrihuney nutrihuney 8 years
5/5 poor Matt Lauer - the arm sling was a give away hope he is feeling better soon and back out on his bike
iewutia iewutia 8 years
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
I felt sick at the site of those two friggin' morons (names don't need to be mentioned) :barf:
gipsymama gipsymama 8 years
4/5 :)
darlene darlene 8 years
TeliGoo TeliGoo 8 years
5/5!! ^^
I thought Heidi was Pam Anderson, but really not too far of a stretch. Heidi, this could be you in 15 years.
purpleisafruit purpleisafruit 8 years
4/5. I thought it was Kate Hudson picking out her wedgie in public.
ffrench ffrench 8 years
llallu llallu 8 years
heidi and spencer... awful!
Midnight-Harlow Midnight-Harlow 8 years
2/5 I narrow it down to 2 and I go for the wrong one. Dang it!
sabrina27 sabrina27 8 years
4/5 speidi reeks of desperation
amandasause amandasause 8 years
5/5 woo! heidi and spencer need to never show their faces again, they are the most annoying people on the planet.
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 8 years
4/5 i haven't got Matt...hehe..Heidi and Spencer are one discusting couple!
xopiperxo xopiperxo 8 years
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
haha Louie, me too - I should have realized that Pam Anderson is classier than Speidi...
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