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Guess Who?

It's time to play!

1 of 4

Guess who's in a backpack?

2 of 4

Guess who's going strapless?

3 of 4

Guess who's letting his hair grow?

4 of 4

Guess who's wearing plaid?

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kaks11 kaks11 7 years
Damn it! I thought the backpack boy was Penn, since Gossip Girl pics are everywhere.
marleenguillen marleenguillen 7 years
4/4 and YES shia looks EXACTLY like his mom! :)
healthbabe healthbabe 7 years
Kelly Osborne??? yea, before eating the other osbornes...
tyuli tyuli 7 years
2/4 :(
skinny-latte skinny-latte 7 years
4/4 so easy ;)
eakkar eakkar 7 years
4/4 good thing i didn't have to guess which Jonas it was, I can never remember which one is which
dnye dnye 7 years
3/4 I didn't think Shia's hair was so dark
kr1sti kr1sti 7 years
4/4 that was easy. Pink's tattoos rock!
IheartChanel IheartChanel 7 years
2/4 - ugh....I knew that was Shia. But for some reason I clicked on Penn.
hmweis1 hmweis1 7 years
Shia was easy! Those are the only pants he EVER wears.
kaitxo kaitxo 7 years
3/4. Shia got me, I thought he was Penn.
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 7 years
3/ the first one wrong!
kty kty 7 years
cg130 cg130 7 years
Ugh, guess I just don't spend enough time on Pop!
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
2/4 - Keanu looks like a mountain man.
andra1404 andra1404 7 years
2/4...I'll get it next time..:)
lala788 lala788 7 years
3/4 - miss the 1st one
kate4g kate4g 7 years
SupaStar321 SupaStar321 7 years
danito0o96 danito0o96 7 years
Iris1000 Iris1000 7 years
4/4. Weeeee!
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