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Guess Who?

It's that time again!

1 of 5

Guess who's headed to her car?

2 of 5

Guess who's hiding?

3 of 5

Guess who's shopping?

4 of 5

Guess who's in all black?

5 of 5

Guess who's boarding?

NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 8 years
0/5:( Geri looked awful...
jenni5 jenni5 8 years
4/5...Damn Lily
IreneGt IreneGt 8 years
5/5 :)
cibele cibele 8 years
I got one right hahaha
danito0o96 danito0o96 8 years
Janne Janne 8 years
kaitxo kaitxo 8 years
5/5 :)
MissHalfway MissHalfway 8 years
4/5 Roger got me...
bugsbrat bugsbrat 8 years
kate4g kate4g 8 years
kellylouise kellylouise 8 years
5/5, finally. I was starting to lose faith in myself.
xMariax xMariax 8 years
5/5...I mostly guessed and I got them all right! Woohoo!
curiousstar curiousstar 8 years
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 8 years
king2x king2x 8 years
Just 2/5.. I also noticed that they always use Geri in these quizzes, that's why whenever her name comes up I choose her :)
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
Why is Geri always on here?? Is she a way bigger deal in the UK than America or something?
Fashionista_911 Fashionista_911 8 years
ivanka ivanka 8 years
5/5 :)
maerob maerob 8 years
Manoela Manoela 8 years
Louie Louie 8 years
4/5 - Geri got me too! Didn't expect her hair to look like that.
jojijoja jojijoja 8 years
4/5 Not bad...Geri tricked me!
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