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Guess Who?

Get ready to play!

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Guess who's getting into her car?

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Guess who's spending money?

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Guess who's wearing a head-scarf?

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danito0o96 danito0o96 7 years
mommy2one mommy2one 7 years
3/3! #2 was way too easy, you could see his ugly bottom half of his face in the background!!! and plus spending money again what do ya know!!
Janne Janne 7 years
3/3 Jon was really easy!
care0531 care0531 7 years
Was it just me or did anyone else pay any attention to the dollar amount that was on the register for Jon Gosslein? Thousands of dollars for a cake but he doesn't want them to continue filming?!
anabj anabj 7 years
I agree with smallbee, louie and vennieB
kate4g kate4g 7 years
amandasause amandasause 7 years
what up!
Sugarpie22 Sugarpie22 7 years
3/3 easy :)
zeze zeze 7 years
Brody Jenner or Jon Gosslin...ya I can totally see how one could mistake the two.
so easy
Claudia-Lopez Claudia-Lopez 7 years
3/3 :D
JustKidding JustKidding 7 years
3/3 ... because #1. the fingers gave it away #2. the question was too big of a hint (spending money... d-bag) #3. I would know that woman from any angle. Now I will go celebrate with pie.
dnye dnye 7 years
3/3 i'm kind of embarrassed i got number 2
Manoela Manoela 7 years
VennieB VennieB 7 years
i agree with smallbee & louie. no more jon gosselin! this is only making him more famous and he far too much of a douche to encourage that!
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
3/3 :)
msshellokitty msshellokitty 7 years
Crazy that two of these are people are on reality shows and aren't really famous for much.
sham28 sham28 7 years
That was a really easy one.
Louie Louie 7 years
3/3. Smallbee, I was just about to write the same thing!!! But I was going to include Kate in it as well. Please Popsugar - no more of either Gosselin!!
smallbee smallbee 7 years
please, let's never have jon gosselin on here ever again!
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