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Guess Who?

Guess who is hiding behind this fine looking man?

To see which famous actress wants to have a family with this much lesser known male model,

It's Halle Berry and her yummy model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry.


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whocares whocares 11 years
Looks like she is either trying to do the Heimlich maneuver on him or squeeze the you no what out of him--just kidding. Hey e_p--Halle I think said the same thing about the X-Men suit in an article when she was married to Eric Benet when she was talking about the many ways of how they spice up their sex life, hmmm? Don't want to see the visually on that one. Who knows if Halle is stable or family oriented? Regardless of all recent mud flinging between she and Benet--I think both need to give it a rest and REALLY move on, only time will tell if she stays with the model boyfriend or not. Enough with junk floating on the internet whether or not he has an alternative lifestyle--C'mon people, why would Halle date a g#$/b@ model and pass him off as straight, I really don't think she's THAT desperate--let's get real. As well as the rumors that he is using her for fame....let's see how well known he will be if the relationship sours and how well his restaurant will do--I can guarantee you he is banking on his association with her to make his restaurant successful. Only time will tell if any of this crap is true. Of course, we ALL want Halle to be happy whomever she wants to be with,etc., but I don't want to seem skeptical, have a really bad feeling in my stomach on this one being no different than the rest. Really, hate to say it...I don't really see them together for very much longer. Also, conflict reports as in on her current page that she doesn't want children? Don't known what to believe. She has been known for flipflopping on issues several times. Who knows what to believe?
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