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Guess Who's on the Beach?

Guess Who's on the Beach?

You've already guessed who's on a boat but now we have another fun-filled Summer quiz for you! See if you can guess who's enjoying the beach — this might be our most challenging one yet.

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Guess who's taking a seaside stroll?

2 of 10

Guess who's digging her toes into the sand?

3 of 10

Guess who's running in a triathlon?

4 of 10

Guess who's playing photographer?

5 of 10

Guess who's hitting the waves?

6 of 10

Guess who's taking a break for food?

7 of 10

Guess who's playing in the sand?

8 of 10

Guess who took a spill in the sand?

9 of 10

Guess who's hiding behind a towel?

10 of 10

Guess who's diving into the water?

Join The Conversation
jessica-w-1234 jessica-w-1234 6 years
MallyEBeth MallyEBeth 7 years
6/10, not toooo great, eeeeek
clearskies clearskies 7 years
4/10. @yellinln, ditto on daniel craig's booty, unmistakable
ExCape ExCape 7 years
imyourchill imyourchill 7 years
this is the real guess... know somewhat.. hehehe
tyuli tyuli 8 years
2/10 :(
jessicania20 jessicania20 8 years
2/10 the best score here ok i'm not celebrities junkie :P
sophieruth sophieruth 8 years
4/10 i didnt even no sooo many of these ppl.
cookie008 cookie008 8 years
3/10...gosh, i wasnt there when they do it
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
kliis kliis 8 years
5/10! Daniel Craig please put your shirt on :)
ana-isabel ana-isabel 8 years
nicklover nicklover 8 years
im terrible!
helwa1988 helwa1988 8 years
this one was posted before. that's how i remember the answer.
Morgana Morgana 8 years
4/10, that is so bad.
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 8 years
6/ i'm on the verge of failing this quiz..hehehe
miss-elle-cherie miss-elle-cherie 8 years
5/10 . Wow . I fail .
Cherrylicious Cherrylicious 8 years
Yay 7/10 luv the challenge thanx popsugar!
MissHalfway MissHalfway 8 years
Cherolibubs Cherolibubs 8 years
2/10. A lucky guess on Daniel Craig and a right answer on Lutz, because I love him.... *swoon*
cljbb08 cljbb08 8 years
she looks sickly
mrsld mrsld 8 years
3/10 BUT I did have no problem identifying my boy!
Nellllll Nellllll 8 years
6/10 :(
rossy rossy 8 years
I've tried playing twice now & it's somehow gummed up. I choose an answer & the next page doesn't say I'm right or wrong, just says who it is. What gives?
Bearsy123 Bearsy123 8 years
9/10! Not bad. Considering they were all blasts from the past the only one I got caught out on was the recent pic, of Kellan Lutz
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