Now that Summer is over and all the shirtless boys and bikini-clad girls are putting their clothes back on, it's time to look at celebrity fashion choices. Lots of stars express themselves through their t-shirts, and we want to test your knowledge and see if you've been paying attention to who is wearing what. Take our quiz and find out! Afterward, check out the rest of our Guess Who Quizzes!

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Guess which sisters are on team Aniston and Jolie?

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Guess who is a fan of Shia LaBeouf?

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Guess who wants you to protect your skin?

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Guess who has issues?

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Guess who loves meat?

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Guess who's a fan of Kate Moss?

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Guess who is all about Drama?

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Guess who's wearing a shirt from a fan?

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Guess who wants you to adopt?