Verizon has pulled its sponsorship of Gwen's Sweet Escape Tour as a result of the disturbing video of Akon (her opening act) simulating sex on-stage with a girl who turned out to be only 15-years-old. The video made its way around the internet and his actions were so disturbing that it's no shock that there are professional repercussions.

Gwen's manager, Jim Guerinot, however, had this to say: "Akon has been a perfect gentleman on this tour. His show has at best been a PG show. Children of all ages have been attending. We have had no complaints -- nothing but satisfied people. And I would say that we're shocked that Verizon would drop Gwen Stefani as part of this whole debate."

Even so, losing the tour's main sponsor must be rough. Maybe it's time for Gwen to look into finding herself another opening act.