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Gwen's a Geek

Gwen's a Geek

Gwen and Gavin are back in London, where the couple often splits their time like another famous pop star. (Can you say Madonna?) Gwen has actually admitted to having a lot in common with Madge, and even went as far as to say that she's copied the Material Girl in the past. For Gwen's latest album; however, she was more inspired by her favorite movie, The Sound of Music. As you all know, I'd rather see Gwen with her men than on stage, but Gwen even said her music is not for everyone. Gwen said:

"Some people are freaked out by that yodel," Stefani confides. "Either they get it or they don't. But I've always had the fantasy of putting The Sound of Music to a beat. I used to quote all the songs like a geek!

I guess I don't get it, since that yodel drives me insane. However, I like that she admits that she can be a geek. It's always refreshing when a celeb doesn't take themselves too seriously.

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