Gwyneth Paltrow's Most Precious Pictures With Her Kids

May 29 2016 - 12:30am

Gwyneth Paltrow [1] has offered some adorable glimpses into her family life over the years, sharing picture-perfect snaps of her kids on Instagram. She's posted cute selfies with Apple, 12, and Moses, 10, plus sunny vacation photos from some of their family travels. Recently, she shared a photo from Apple's 12th birthday party [2], featuring none other than "bestie" Blue Ivy Carter.

Back in July, Gwyneth opened up about how she and her ex Chris Martin both value their family [3], saying, "It's been hard, and we've gone through really difficult times, but we've always said these children are our priority." Keep reading for some of the actress's best Instagram snaps with her little ones, then check out what Gwyneth's boyfriend, Brad Falchuk, recently said [4] about their relationship.

Gwyneth posted a sweet selfie of daughter Apple watching her dad, Chris Martin [5], performing in Barcelona, writing, "Sometimes your dad really needs you to visit him at work."

In May 2015, the actress uploaded a snap from Apple's 12th birthday party [6] featuring Blue Ivy Carter, and wrote, "Birthday brunch squad #godsistersandbesties."

The brood escaped to Machu Picchu, Peru [7], in April 2016.

The family shared a hug by the Christmas tree in 2015.

Back in February, Gwyneth shared this precious moment of Apple and Blue Ivy Carter casually making their way to the Super Bowl [8] in matching jackets.

The trio snapped this cute photo in April 2016.

In honor of Apple's birthday in May 2016, Gwyneth shared this adorable throwback photo of her daughter [9] at 2 years old.

In April 2016, Gwyneth posted this adorable moment of her children petting a llama.

The proud mom uploaded a short clip of Chris Martin bringing their son [10], Moses, out on stage to wish him a happy birthday in April 2016.

She shared a sweet snap with her daughter in October 2015 in honor of #InternationalGirlsDay.

She snapped an adorable selfie with Apple and Moses in May 2014, writing, "Feelin' the love today. #luckymama."

Gwyneth shared a cute photo of her son in August 2015, writing, "Summer math face #homestretch."

Apple showed her patriotic pride on the Fourth of July.

The kids had their arms around each other in a snap from their Mexico trip in April 2015.

Gwyneth wished Moses a happy ninth birthday in April 2015, saying, "You are an incredible, amazing, beautiful boy inside and out."

Her kids were too cute in June 2015, when she shared a picture of Apple wearing a helmet alongside Moses and joked, "Brother proof. Sort of."

On Father's Day [11] 2015, Gwyneth shared a picture of her ex Chris Martin [12] and their little girl, writing, "Nothing like father/daughter love. Happy Father's Day to you, CAJM. Here is to all the engaged and present fathers, you create a backbone for society. We honor you all today."

Gwyneth and Moses were all smiles when they posed backstage with Taylor Swift [13] in London in June 2015.

Gwyneth had a sweet beach day with her "little beauty" in August 2015.

In April 2014, the actress posted a throwback snap of her kids giving her big hugs by the water.

Gwyneth got a big hug from her son as she headed to the La Mer Celebration of an Icon event [14] in October 2015.

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