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Gwyneth's Tasty Stint In Spain

Gwyneth's Tasty Stint In Spain

Gwyneth flashed her big smile on Tuesday at a press conference to announce her new reality show, Spain... On The Road Again. Gwyneth will travel around Spain with chef Mario Batali and two other foodies, discovering all that the country has to offer. Gwyn has been strict about her eating habits for years, but she's still psyched to get her taste of Spain, even without the meat. Here's more:

"I think my Spanish father will kill me when I refuse to eat jamon Jabugo," the actress admitted, referring to the specially cured ham from the black Iberian pig – as well as to the patriarch of a Spanish family she lived with when she was a high-school exchange student. [But] I haven't eaten anything from a four-footed animal since I was about 15," she added.

Whether or not she plans on being adventurous with her eating, we're willing to bet that traveling Europe with the company chef means 13 weeks of some pretty amazing meals.


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