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BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
She's beautiful and classy.
loryn loryn 10 years
She's looking great
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
i really don't get this chick's appeal...she seems pretty fugly to me..and she's had what 2 hit songs in her whole career?
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 10 years
I love Kylie. She's not only HAWT, she's so damn talented. Congrats on "World's Best Dressed Woman" title, Kylie!!
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
She looks great! I :love: her white dress!!
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 10 years
Love her and I think she dresses innovatively and I admire her individuality! Kudos to her for winning best dressed!
LegallyBlonder LegallyBlonder 10 years
Hmm...I love that dress Kylie's wearing. Is it part of her H&M line?
krisua krisua 10 years
She is very bold little woman.
Sunshineblue Sunshineblue 10 years
I don't mean this to sound horrible, I like her and think she is a very sweet person, and no-one deserves to go through what she has gone through. But why does everyone always go on about what an inspiration she is to other cancer sufferers? She is a multi-millionnaire who could afford the BEST treatment and drugs all over the world, so she had the best chance of beating cancer. There are hundreds of women with breast cancer who can't afford the treatment and care Kylie could and who are struggling even to get the latest drug becuase it's not available for free on the NHS. Women are having to go to court (in the UK) to try and get this life saving drug for free, when rich people like Kylie could afford to buy it without a second thought...Ok rant over..she does look fab here though..
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 10 years
Amen Luna!
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
shes still recovering from chemotherapy after a cancer scare thats why her face is a bit swollen, give her a break! she looks amazing and is such an inspiration for anyone going through cancer
jadedjocelyn jadedjocelyn 10 years
she looks great~
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 10 years
She's adorable! I'm glad to see she's rebounded so well from the cancer.
daBITCH daBITCH 10 years
The hell did she do to her face?! She looks like the cat woman! And she is certainly not more appealing than Madonna. M is like 10 notches above her!
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Wassup, face lift?
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
Love to see her looking so great!
tharightgurl4u tharightgurl4u 10 years
Whats up with her face> Does he get botox??
phatE phatE 10 years
she looks great, but to get the title of the "worlds best dressed woman" seems a little over the top
lesocialite lesocialite 10 years
she's amazing. :)
miss915 miss915 10 years
lovely kylie
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 10 years
She looks great.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
she is more appealing than Madonna!
Almost-Unreal Almost-Unreal 10 years
I love Kylie..I just lover her I wish I have legs like hers
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