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jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
Halle has the best shape imo...I'm a pear shape and I think the pear/hourglass shapes are the hottest as long as the waist is thin and stomach flat and toned
tarshier tarshier 6 years
Kristen is only 21 years old, without any surgical revision whatsoever to augment natural physical attribute! Of course we don't want to name names here, but I know who's got liposuction with tummy tuck, breast and butt augmentation with silicone implant, not to mention blepharoplasty, bottox and collagen injection as well as rhinoplasty! i am 100% sure KRISTEN STEWART's face, boobs, tummy and butt is 100% natural!!! that make's her my number 1 choice!!!
VaneM77 VaneM77 6 years
I agree with the first three but could do without Gisele or Kristen....I mean there are so many other celebs with better bodies but I guess thats why everyone has different opinions!
1278368 1278368 6 years
yes all my support for Kristen, she's beautiful in every way casually dressed in a bikini .... she puts all that is beautiful she has style!!
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
^you caught me. I'm really really jealous of Kristen Stewart. Every morning before I brush my teeth I try to perfect my lip quiver so my Edward Cullen poster will fall in love with me. Crap. I feel so vulnerable now *lip quiver* On a serious note: I don't approve of her being on this list because she doesn't work for her body like the rest of the ladies. She's one of those naturally skinny girls who can eat whatever they want. The winner should be an inspiration to those who want to get fit and Kristen doesn't fit the bill.
tufenuf55 tufenuf55 6 years
Once again, people jealous of Kristen are spouting off. Can't we all just be friends...there are many actors because there are many fans...we all like different things about actors, but have one thing in common. We are FANS!!! Lighten up.
apalak apalak 6 years
Agreed once this Twilight shit is over hopefully they will disappear right along wit her
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
Oh gag, I was really hoping Kristen wouldn't make it this far. Her fans are all over the place. Damn.
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