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Hannah Anderson's Full Interview on TODAY | Video

Hannah Anderson Speaks Out About Her Kidnapping in Detail For the First Time

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Hannah Anderson, the teenage girl who was kidnapped by a family friend this Summer, spoke out about her ordeal on Today this morning in her first in-depth interview since being rescued. Sitting with her dad, Hannah discussed her relationship with her kidnapper, James DiMaggio, whom she described as "like family" but started getting weirded out about him when he got jealous that she was hanging out with a male schoolmate and admitted to having a crush on her. She also describes how James forced her to play Russian Roulette before they made their trek to Idaho, and how he had initially told her that he just wanted her to help carry his backpack into the wilderness.

Hannah also said that she is finally speaking out about her kidnapping because critics had been questioning her relationship with James and her role in the abduction. She also explained that she was handcuffed, had her legs zip-tied together, and was drugged with Ambien until she arrived in Idaho. Watch the full interview above.

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