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Happy Birthday Kelly

Kelly celebrated her 21st party this weekend but it looks like the birthday girl didn't have that much fun. Apparently the party girl cried because she wanted to....and who could blame her. The 3 am girls reported that the party was full of "a roomful of X-Factor wannabes murdering once-loved tunes on a karaoke machine." Kelly choice of song was Papa Don't Preach.

The ViP reported:

"Kelly was heard complaining that her party was full of people she didn't know. She was yelling, 'Everyone wants a f***ing piece of me'. The party was full of people from the X Factor and loads of others Kelly didn't know, and she was clearly annoyed.

It was embarrassing because mum and daughter were yelling at each other. Kelly started crying and her make-up was all smeared. She looked like a panda."

Check out the pics of Kelly and mom and dad Osbourne. Poor Ozzy barely even looks alive.


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