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Have Questions For New Moon's Cullen Family? Leave Them in the Comments and Win!

Have Questions For New Moon's Cullen Family? Leave Them in the Comments and Win!

This weekend we're heading to LA to take part in the New Moon press day, and we're so excited! We'll be interviewing all the stars of the movie — including Robert, Kristen, Taylor, and more! — and we want your input on what you want to hear from them. So all week we're asking for your questions for the cast and you're going to have a chance to win! Today, it's all about the Cullen Family and here is three of the hot Cullen men to get you in the mood!

We're giving away awesome Twilight gear from CafePress — all you have to do is make sure you are logged in and then leave a comment with a question for the stars (official rules here). We'll choose our favorite one for each day and ask it at the interview. Here are the stars we'll be asking for your input for this week:

We loved everything you've asked so far, now it's time to question our favorite vampire family! Stay tuned next week for video of all our interviews with the full cast to gear up for the exciting premiere of New Moon. Thanks for your entries, we can't wait to read all your questions! So, what would you ask any member of the Cullen Family?

MaCeYk MaCeYk 7 years
to all. how is it having to play great looking people? is it hard to do or do you just be yourself?
Morgana Morgana 7 years
Jackson! How much did you've to work out for Eclipse?
Katelan84 Katelan84 7 years
Can you all think of a specific instance where you asked Stephenie Meyer for more insight into a scene or moment involving your character (Since she is the expert :) !
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
What do you think people love most about vampires?
bellaholiday bellaholiday 7 years
Everyone always asks the casts of Vampire Diaries and True Blood about their take on Twilight. So to change things up, as the cast of Twilight, how do you feel about those vampire shows?
jvaliente jvaliente 7 years
To the Cullen family in general: In real life are you tightly knit to your respective family like the Cullens are or are you more a solo act in a way and what is your favorite pass time with your family apart from hunting?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Besides acting do you have any other passions or hobbies you love to do in your free time?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Out of all the cast members who is the funniest person? Who is the most serious?
bellaholiday bellaholiday 7 years
What do you consider to be the most interesting thing about the actor/actress who plays your on-screen spouse?
SuperVixen SuperVixen 7 years
Whats the best part about being a Cullen? Would you be interested in filming a scene in which we get to see you guys hunt for Breaking dawn? Whats one new project outside of Twilight for you? (Besides Nurse Jackie for Peter and his band for Jackson)
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Peter: You've been in the business for awhile now. Do you think you are finally getting the recognition you have worked for now?
NicaMo87 NicaMo87 7 years
Since all of you have been working together for the last 2 years, Has it got to the point were you all actually act like a family? Like sibling rivalry, arguing over things, do stuff as a family, etc.
bellaholiday bellaholiday 7 years
To the cullens: What backstory about your character do you find the most interesting?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
After going through all this and seeing how much it has changed your lives would you ever consider doing another franchise?
bellaholiday bellaholiday 7 years
To the cullens: You all play a mythical creature, the vampire. If you could be any other mytical creature, what would you be?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Did you initially audition for the part you got or was it another? Now that you've completed three movies playing the part you have are you glad that you were chosen for the part instead of the one you may have auditioned for in the first place?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Assuming you have read all of the books, which one is your favorite and why? Breaking Dawn is mine FYI.
Stewson Stewson 7 years
I know you are all close on and off set, do you think you will all work together again after the Twilight Saga is done?
kellylouise kellylouise 7 years
Jackson: Do you have any other aspirations or ambitions besides music and acting? Nikki: What attracted you to play Rosalie? - Your cast mates always praise you for your great musical taste and it seems to be a big part of your life, have you ever considered doing something in that business? Peter: Have you ever envied Carlisle, being this vampire role model and great father figure, and does he have any flaws in your eyes?
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