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creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
love them together! :D
Lima-Beans Lima-Beans 9 years
if you didn't know she was some famous super model I would say she was just some regular woman walking down the street. Makeup really goes a long way.
spunkyk77 spunkyk77 9 years
I love these 2 to bits!!!
BeautyXRush BeautyXRush 9 years
I agree, celebrities know what they are getting themselves into, so they already know paparazzi will be all over them... Id hate being famous, who cares about the money.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
I've totally changed my outlook on him after seeing that video. I mean, I thought he was cool, how he acted was totally not cool. He acted worse than a 2nd grader. He just sat there and called the paps names, said "Your Mama" and kept telling them to "Bring it on"... I know he deserves his space, but they go to a public place where they know PAPS will be, they make the talk show circuit when they are promoting what they want, his wife has made her millions off of people taking her photo, and he was down right nasty to the paps. Heidi looked really uncomfortable. He didn't have to keep going on and on with the name calling and threatening behavior. I really thought he was a nicer guy than that. A gentleman would have handled it totally different.
rpenner rpenner 9 years
love them. they're absolutely gorgeous
i_love_miu i_love_miu 9 years
she looks natural here (and very good), very cool outfit
Meka_suga Meka_suga 9 years
Don't really like her outfit. Shoes rock though.
tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
It really must suck to be followed around all of the time, but it works for them when they have projects comming up so????
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
jacket is hot
Nikitainthesection Nikitainthesection 9 years
asarwan asarwan 9 years
She's very attractive woman. But... um.. he's not cute at ALL
tiabia tiabia 9 years
You're welcome, Spit. Let me know if you need any help!! :-)
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
Thanks Tiabia, I'm trying it now ;)
tiabia tiabia 9 years
The most coveted model body is usually that of the long, lean, boxy, boyish variety.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
TMZ has the video. He's says the "TELL YOUR MAMA" or something to that effect, near the end.
TwinMommy TwinMommy 9 years
I don't think she's all that attractive. She has a very boyish figure, except for the boobs. She and that crackhead british model... kate something. They're both fugly./
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Love them!!! In that first big picture, Heidi looks like Johan to me!!!
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 9 years
Heidi's jacket looks so comfy, buttery soft.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
lmao did he actually say "mama"? lol
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
Love them to pieces. Such an adorable couple. She is hella skinny! I can only dream that I would ever get that skinny and stay that way.
missyd missyd 9 years
I dont know how anyone can say she is ugly. Beyond me. I think she is gorgeous. Love to look like her.
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
Heidi looks cute, although her outfit looks like it was picked out in a hurry along with her hair. Lovely couple!
ShannonSoCrazy ShannonSoCrazy 9 years
Haha Seal told a "Yo mama" joke? That's kind of adorable.
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