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katarinakovo katarinakovo 7 years
sickening couple.....
Raynae Raynae 7 years
FshLover09 FshLover09 7 years
Oh Heidi...thats all i can say...that poor girl.
Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 7 years
Her face is still very swollen. I wouldn't be out in public with that face.
bluestar bluestar 7 years
LMAO...I'm glad that they did this. SO lovely and classy.
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 7 years
hahahhaha. This was magical. They are so special.
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
once a fug, always a fug...I see traces of that old face, she needs more surgery like now...
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
i predict that w/i 2 years, there will be a speidi sex tape scandal....ugh i wish it was spencer who had all the plastic surgery!!
boredgourdless boredgourdless 7 years
That poor girl.... This whole Heidi-Spencer thing has gone from delightfully trashy to twisted, sick and sad.
Hesiod Hesiod 7 years
SofieBelle SofieBelle 7 years
gross & trashy. ew!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
bloomers bloomers 7 years
It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
She kind of looks like Gwyneth Paltrow in some of these pics (with comically oversized boobs, of course). Heidi is looking good for 40. I wonder if that's the result she was going for.
PcMf PcMf 7 years
I agree with dnye .. Havent really seen her pictures after the last surgery .. and so i noticed ..her eyebrows dont move dont they .. or am i just blind or something ?
dnye dnye 7 years
I had two thoughts when i was looking at this. 1) it's actually sort of creepy and weirds me out. and 2) Heidi is a wannabe porn star.
jenwils jenwils 7 years
So pathetic - this is a sad display. She doesn't look remotely alluring.
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