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Hillary is In It to Win It

Clinton '08? After months (years, really) of speculation, Hillary Clinton officially announced on her website that she will form an exploratory committee to run for president. "I'm in. And I'm in to win," she announced. Political allegiances aside, it's thrilling to see a woman throw her hat into the race.

Hillary has a long, hard road ahead of her, but at least she's got a ton of first hand experience on presidential races. And really, wouldn't Bill just look great as America's first First Man?

Jillness Jillness 10 years
A Clinton in the White House would be so much worse than taking massive sympathy from the entire world, and turning that into massive hatred in under 5 years. Yes, you are right. A Clinton in the White House would be so much worse than getting in a war that has no purpose without a plan. (You might want to talk to the mother of a dead soldier before you commit to that one.) No matter who wins, Dem or Rep, they HAVE to be better than Bush, who makes random guesses about dire issues, and is too stubborn to acknowledge his mistakes and CHANGE THE FREAKIN COURSE!! If you haven't moved yet, why bother.
Jillness Jillness 10 years
For the person who said that illegal immigrants do jobs that Americans wouldn't dream of are PROFOUNDLY mistaken. I know many americans that made their living from working in airplane manufacturing plants, pig processing plants, beef processing plants, santitation departments, etc. Not glamorous or high paying, but very hard work. All of these people worked hard everyday because it USED to prvide for their families. Those jobs are now given to illegals because it is cheaper for employers. There are industries that have unions because they are dangerous and employees need protection, say from working on silos 8 stories in the air for 18 hours. Employers exploit, endanger, and underpay illegal immigrants. American workers can not compete for those low wages, and should not be subject to those conditions (neither should immigrants). THe immigrant issue is ALL ABOUT MINIMUM WAGE and SAFETY CONDITIONS and has nothing to do with the "laziness" of Americans. Way to recycle the overly-used-but-means-nothing-idea, though.
stella84 stella84 10 years
BeachBarbie very well said. When she wins(And she will win because people will vote for her because she is a well known woman) I am moving to Canada or back to my boyfriends hometown in Prague. Ive already decided. Im not kidding. This could be the worst thing for our country, if people would only investigate her true agenda and all of the bones in the Clintons closet it would make their jaws drop. Shes wanted to be president all along.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I would just liek to add some statistics I heard on the news this one is sure hilary will even win the democratic ticket...her favorability rating is at 40%...and so is her unfavorable rating...almost as many people like her as hate her...Obama is much more liked and will very likely be chosen to represent the perhaps we should wait to get any more heated until we know for sure whether or not she will even be in the running...
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Poohbear, I agree, but am reserving my judgement for when they actually come out and say what they are. I wouldn't mind seeing a positive article about Condie Rice though as she is in such a high position in the white house, and no one made such a big deal over it...they act like nancy pelosi was the first women to get a high position in government...and while pelosi's is higher, I still think Condie's is important too.. I'm all in.
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
I totally agree with BeachBarbie. Her comment nailed this. Thank you BB. At least there are some sane comments on this subject.
PoohBare PoohBare 10 years
Cravinsugar, I disagree that you can't figure out which way this site leans. Even without political topics posted, it has been obvious to me. It is one of the very minor few things I have disliked about this site.
PoohBare PoohBare 10 years
After reading through a lot of the post, my brain is on fire and numb at the same time. I can't believe someone would actually want Bill back in the White House. I'm all for a woman President but Hillary NO FREAKIN' WAY. I can't respect her for staying with Bill with all his cheating and lying to us about it. Hillary and Bill have zero morals. I'm not fond of Obama either but would vote pretty much for anyone over Hillary. It is sad that people would vote for her just because she is a woman. As a side note, I never considered her "First Lady" because she is no lady, just as Bill would not be "First Gentleman".
I hear people talk about how low the unemployment rate currently is, and I laugh. The reason the unemployment appears to be as such a low level is because as soon as your unemployment runs out, you are no longer in the statistic. The jobless rate on the other hand is the true picture of our economy. According to the AFL-CIO "The number of unemployed and underemployed persons has jumped by 28 percent since January 2001." I'm pretty sure that is a negative jump... However, it is easy to pick and choose the statistics you want to use as a way of proving your point. I just did it. If you think about it, how could our unemployment be at a record low when many corporations are sending their jobs overseas to be performed by those not as expensive as American workers. And, as far as illegals doing jobs Americans refuse to do? Americans refuse to do these jobs for the ridiculous wages that are being offered. The summer vacation was invented so that the children could be out in the fields for harvest season. The quality of American houses are falling. Sure they look good, but wait until you move in and can't quite figure out where that horrible smell is coming from... The illegal workers are literally taking a crap in the walls of these houses, then sealing them up. Mmmmm...
Trixie6 Trixie6 10 years
italygal - You're right. The fact that Clinton cheated on his wife isn't anyone's business. The fact that he lied about it and was DISBARRED over it is. I find it very interesting that the media brushed under the rug that a sitting president was disbarred for perjury. As far as immigration goes - My husband is Canadian & had to jump through all the hoops to become a citizen. My best friend is Nigerian and is currently going through the citizenship process. It's been a long, drawn out, expensive process, but one that both of them undertook because it was the right, legal thing to do. Why should the illegal immigrants that are already here get a pass when people like my hubby & bff have had to spend the time and money to do things right?
minaminamina minaminamina 10 years
Haha remember that time Kennedy was only voted into office because his father paid off the right people and city governments with money earned from his bootlegging ventures? I mean, come on people... this has nothing to do with being a liberal, conservative, Catholic or Protestant, or even a Clinton or Bush. There's absolutely so much behind being elected that there is no ideal person to do the job. I mean, even Obama, the great bipartisan hero of the liberals (and many conservatives), hasn't come out against the war in Iraq. It's good to have a sense of humor about these things, or else you just... get into political arguments on a gossip website.
angelbaby2 angelbaby2 10 years
this is going to be a long poll like the one sica had a few months ago
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
If this site doesn't want us posting political comments, they wouldn't post semi political articles. And, may i just say, i am happy to not know which political side this site is behind...while you can guess based off of the articles posted, they have not come out and said, "Popsugar supports blahblahblah." If they do, I will stop postig, and reading. I enjoy debating with people, although it sometimes gets nasty with politics, but why not this site? It was brought up to me in a similar debate prevoiuslyon this site that everywhere in public is a proper forum as it is "stupid for me to think that freedom of speech is only allowed in certain places." Yes, that was a response I have received and thus I pass it on. I'm all in.
Miami-Gal Miami-Gal 10 years
Italy girl says: There are a lot of comments I disagree with here, probably the best representation of my opinion(s) are shown by imabeliever. But I do want to ask, for the people who have this outlandish hatred for Bill Clinton, what exactly was so horrible about his 8 years in office? What exactly did you have to suffer through? A booming economy? Low unemployment rates? Safety and security of the country? Seriously. What? I won't say exactly horrible personally except my taxes were very high. The economy was falsely inflated...there wasn't much regualtion in the stock market. He was riding the high times of the overinflated dot com boost. My thesis of business was based on the market alone. We have a realistically represented economy NOW. We have low unemployment rates NOW. Saftety and Security? Maybe I was dreaming, but didn't the bombing of the World train center happen during his presidency? The USS Cole? More than one embassy? The insanity of Waco? Yeah, real safe and secure there. He was right to go into Bosnia and should have done more and taken out Saddam. And Kennedy? I have read over 20 books on that man, and while decent, he wasn't around for much of his presidency to do a lot. He was an icon. His wife did way more diplomatically and it was a lot of his brother running the show. Do you know that he was on a cocktail of drugs throughout his presidency of a mixture of speed and steriods? Him, his wife, the Lawtons. This cocktail has actually been proven to cause the cancer his wife and Peter died from. I really need to step back here and not do this on this site. The lack of knowledge of history, law, current events, business, and economics is glaring. It's one thing to disagree based on opinion, but it is quite another to deny facts. And that is what politics allow people to do. I'm independent, but I call the cards like I see it. Littlebird was dead on that this site should not take a position on this. There are millions of political blogs out there. And I should have taken the road of Brandy Nicole.
Miami-Gal Miami-Gal 10 years
LOL, never would I vote for this woman. I like the idea of Rudy. As for the whole illegal immigrant thing...what about illegal do people not get? My mother did nails for a living and the fact that people think like this is insane. All the illegals did to her business was illegally open a business, with fake licenses, and there was a lot of health issues as a result. My mother was booked all the time. As for the lawn work...hahahaha, yeah, hire someone with no insurance and who is illegal, and pray they don't get hurt in your yard. I'm all for immigration, my family as well as many of ours are immigrants. BUT, I'm also for the law. This prevents people who were criminals from coming in and also makes sure these people pay into our taxes, resources we are all affected by. In Florida, it costs $18K per year per student, paid for by LEGAL citizens. Next time one of you guys advocate this to feel squishy good, why don't you drop an extra $18K into the school system and represent this? I pay for this through my property taxes and it pisses me off. It is NOT fair and I'm sick of people not getting it. And any restaurant that will break the law and hire illegal people will most likely break other laws too, and you are crazy to eat there. And just wait, maybe it will take having one of your close friends murdered by an ILLEGAL alien who never would have gotten in because of his criminal record. Or just as bad, how about having a child close to you raped by a fricken pedophile with a record from their country. Or someone killed in a car accident by someone who doesn't legally belong to. And they work harder? That is a joke. If they worked harder, they would have taken the time to do things properly. If I need work done at my house, I'd hire a licensed carpenter. Trust me, paying an extra $5 to get my nails done if that was such a huge concern, no biggie. And don't worry, Madam Hillary thinks just like you guys do. There is a lot of quotes to prove that. Remember the gas station comment? No to Hillary. And no to people who BREAK THE LAW.
italygal italygal 10 years
Oh and as to the poster who commented that all illegal immigrants should be deported and the person who **CLAPPED**, [insert disgusted look here] I think you might be dismayed to learn that should that happen, you'll probably have to find a new favorite restaurant to eat in or mostly stay at home and eat. You'll have to do your own nails, fix up your own house...these "lazy illegal immigrants" are what keep our economy up and runing. They do all the things no legal American would debase themselves doing. They work harder than a lot of the people who have the right to be here. You kick them out and our economy will crash and burn.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
TEAM HILARY all the way!!
italygal italygal 10 years
There are a lot of comments I disagree with here, probably the best representation of my opinion(s) are shown by imabeliever. But I do want to ask, for the people who have this outlandish hatred for Bill Clinton, what exactly was so horrible about his 8 years in office? What exactly did you have to suffer through? A booming economy? Low unemployment rates? Safety and security of the country? Seriously. What? Specifically new2man has this whole rant on the personality of the Clintons. Hilary, I know nothing about so I won't go there. I'd prefer to learn more about her. But I do know about Bill Clinton. Being President of the United States takes finesse. It takes intelligence. And to a certain degree it takes some duplicity. The world is not black and white, the good guys do have faults. As a leader he was outstanding. This was a man, who if he didn't understand something, he found out about it first. He talked with people who did know. And he listened and took their advice. How many people in positions of power would do that? As to his infidelity, really, it's none of my business, and why is it yours? It has nothing to do with running the country. So your moral compass was wounded. The man does his job well. And if you know anything about politics than you know a lot of Presidents were unfaithful. Look at Kennedy. One of the most prolific womanizers and he's lauded as one of the great Presidents of our time. He was President during a generation that for the most part that private things private. We live in a generation that thinks we have to know absolutely everything about everyone. Did any of us really need to see Paris Hilton having sex? Ok I digress. But actually that's the end of my rant. So take what you will.
paigesweetkisses paigesweetkisses 10 years
we don't need another Clinton in office, people. if she gets voted in *which, realistically, she wont*, I'm moving out of this country & wishing all the rest of you the best of luck
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Ok. real quick, and this is my last one. I am sorry if what I said offended anyone. 1) If there is an illegal immigrant who is pregnant and therefore who child will be US citizen if born here goes into labor here, fine. Give that child all the health care it needs. It will have to pay taxes eventually. After the mother has given birth and has been released from the hospital, she is on her own. But, It makes me mad..some people get pregnant, come here only to have their children then go back, get prego and do it over again. and again. and again. 2) I understand that not all jobs offer the same benefits and that you may choose a job because of personal beliefs and other reasons other than benefits and money. And more power to you. But, you are making a choice when you do that. You are choosing to not have the benefits you need. I didn't mean that as advice. I guess I was lashing out at you for no good reason. I hear people all the time complaining about their are not included in this...this is people I know, and seriously, they could easily change their situations but they won't. That is where that comcment was coming from. I'm all in.
sashak sashak 10 years
*and of which I am a part
sashak sashak 10 years
with all due respect and while I appreciate your advice, I am fully aware of what being an adult entails. You are not familiar with my situation or why I took my current job. the economy in which I live and am a part offers very little by way of professional and semi-professional employment. but I will cetainly take your advise under consideration
Jillness Jillness 10 years
Cravin, I agree with you on the illegal immigrant issue in a broad sense, American tax money should not have to pay for their treatment. But you keep focusing on one point and respond with a unrealistic answer. Your answer, for example, does not address a situation with a pregnant immigrant in Colorado about to give birth. If your suggestion was law, she would be turned away, and most likely that American Citizen she gives birth to (because she is in the states) would not have care during the crutial first moments of its life. Immigrants are just one part of this huge, horrible mess that is our health care system. Also, just because you receive certain benefits with your job doens't mean that the average job will offer those. Employers are cutting back benefits at alarming rates because they can't keep up. If things continue in this manner, in 5-10 years most jobs won't offer insurance benefits. Not to mention the fact that the things you were discussing in regards to co-pay vary widely. Most plans pay in a certain manner for "Preventative Care", but in a far less generous manner when you need emergency room care or have a long term illness.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Sashak, I pay 300/month. But, it is pre-tax, as yours should be if you are getting coverage through your firm. Also, Sounds like you have to pay a deductible...the health insurance plan I chose I simply pay a copay, no deductible that I have to meet before they wlil begin paying. It sucks, I know, but that is part of being an adult. Having to pay for all of this stuff yourself. I am only 2 years older than you and struggle to make ends meet just like you. Some fimrs offer fully paid for insurance converage..the last job i worked did, and the firm i am a contractor for currently does. You should reserach your options before committing to an employer. I'm all in.
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