When it comes to photographing stars, you can't get any bigger than Annie Leibovitz. It's no surprise, then, that when Vanity Fair decided to do a film noir themed shoot for their annual Hollywood Issue, Annie was once again in charge. The result is VF's biggest issue ever, appropriately called Killers Kill, Dead Men Die. The amazing portfolio is just packed with celebs like Jessica Alba and Biel, Penelope Cruz, Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis, and Kate Winslet - just to name a small few. If you can't wait for the issue check out a video showcasing some of the shots, or a cool slideshow of behind-the-scenes pics including Ben Affleck with his trusty Starbucks and Kirsten Dunst getting ready for the shot. The Hollywood issue is always one of our favorites so we look forward to tearing our issue apart this weekend.