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Hottest Vampires and Werewolves of 2011 Video

PopSugar 100 Video: Your Top 10 Vampires and Werewolves of 2011!

The battle to find the sexiest vampire or werewolf was one of the most intense in this year's PopSugar 100, with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner going head-to-head against Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. All four stars from Twilight and The Vampire Diaries made it into your top 10, but what is it about these onscreen fantasy creatures that placed them in the top spots? PopSugar's Lauren, Lindsay, and Karli break down the winning list.

kimberE18 kimberE18 5 years
I loved that Ian finally made it to number one! He is really hott...kinda disapointed that Alex was so low. he should be in the top five!
tsk818 tsk818 5 years
i would've loved robert pattinson to win but ian somerhalder is just as good love him too
kittygirl08 kittygirl08 5 years
i toatly agree damon is way better than edward srry edward just vamp diaries is better
DamonLoverXD DamonLoverXD 5 years
I Love Ian Somerhalder! <3 In my opinion Ian should be The World's #1 Hottest Vampire Till the end of time!! <3 Im sorry to all the Edward fans... but Robert Pattison is not that good of an actor... I agree with SalvatoreGirl.. :)
salvatoregirl salvatoregirl 6 years
Seriously, I''m so glad Ian is #1! Damon is a great vampire, I love him... but what w/ Alexander? Don't tell me that Eric is not a hot vampire.. I think he deserved #1 or #2 instead of sparkly silly Edward that looks nothing like a real vampire. It's my opinion. And yes, I have seen all of them acting, Robert Pattinson is not that good actor, everyone should open their eyes. You gotta see how Ian puts his soul in portraying Damon or how Alexander does it w/ Eric.. just sayin'
trueblood123456 trueblood123456 6 years
Why is Alexander Skarsgard at top 6? He should be higher than that.. Besides, True Blood is wayyy better than Twilight.. As for Ian Somerhalder being top 1, its fine with me. He is hot, but then I think Alexander Skarsgard is hotter and more bad ass..
teamjacob98 teamjacob98 6 years
WTF!?!?! why did taylor lautner only get #10?!?! he is so freakin' sexy!! this is the suckiest list ever!! and kellem lutz should have been #2 or #3, but i love that robert pattinson did not get number 1 and that ian did
IansChick IansChick 6 years
There was never a doubt than Ian would win, anyone who has seen him and has seen him act can not deny he is wonderful and the most beautiful man! Congrats Ian, you deserved it!!!!
Stirfry2002 Stirfry2002 6 years
No matter what anybody says Robert Pattinson is the MAN and better vampire. Thank you so much.
tarshier tarshier 6 years
Aside from the looks and the acting skills, the basis will still depend on the vampire character that they portary, the storyline, the script and the director. TWILIGHT VAMPIRES don't have fangs, the Cullen coven doesn't have humans as their prey and the role of Edward Cullen is a one woman vampire who wanted to sacrifice everything for his love Bella. I don't watch other vampire movies, and I haven't seen Vampire Diaries. I only saw in the internet that other vampires have fangs and that they have wild kissing scenes in the pictures. It's hard to compare if the criteria is not equal for all the candidates. It's not fair! But honestly, I think ROBERT PATTINSON is the best vampire. He has the charm, obviously the looks and he's a good actor!
mak75231 mak75231 6 years
All right all right all right! This totally ROCKS! Ian had won before I ever started watching your top 10!
1296954 1296954 6 years
Yes i am surprised that Ian Somerhalder beaut out Robert Pattinson ! Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of Ian but come on ! it is Edward Cullen we are talking abt here !
Jeri252 Jeri252 6 years
I so agree who number one is but I wish tyler was number 2 instead of rob
tatou tatou 6 years
The Vampire Diaries is very popular in America, just as True Blood but in Europe not at all, at least not where I live. The main reason Rob isn't nr 1 is because many of his fans don't vote for this kind of polls anymore. Or they're getting tired because he appears in every single poll in America and Europe or they find that his movie career is more important than him being in the centre of media attention. So they let Ian win and that's okay, these polls are for fun, nothing serious.
Jessicat92 Jessicat92 6 years
Team Vampire Diaries! The actors/actresses have a lot more talent then those who portray vampires in the Twilight series. Nina Dobrev is absolutely gorgeous and i believe she should be above Kristen stewart. Ian Somerholder definitely out ranks Robert pattinson in my books. He can act, he's gorgeous and he has a gorgeous co-star/girlfriend. Ian/Damon definitely belongs on top of the list!
Stirfry2002 Stirfry2002 6 years
To all you vampire dairies fans nothing against you but Robert is the coolest frigging vampire out there!!!!
lamlokyihk lamlokyihk 6 years
oooh am wondering...which lipstick were you wearing Lindsay=)?
paul-fan paul-fan 6 years
paul wesley is the best.He should be number 1.
rebeccamontoya rebeccamontoya 6 years
maggiemay1 maggiemay1 6 years
Although it's no longer on TV, I'd have to say that Kyle Schmid AKA Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties makes the rest of these guys pale in comparison.
joyfulone joyfulone 6 years
Ian S. is cute, I really like the show. But Robert Pattinson is number ONE of all time!
1361161 1361161 6 years
I'm so happy that Ian is #1!!!
Stirfry2002 Stirfry2002 6 years
I like the vampire diaries but I think Robert should have got , he is the HOTTEST vamp around.
VaneM77 VaneM77 6 years
The Salvatore brothers are the sexiest vampires ever!! I wish Paul would have been a little higher than 9 but at least he made the list! I like Twilight but I just think the cast of TVD is sooo much hotter!!
simran-bhatia simran-bhatia 6 years
yep ian is the best and he has been fav fr all the seasons of the fan
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