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How I Met Your Mother - The Next Best Friends

Yes, I know we can't shut up about this show. We have been saying it is the new Friends forever, but we just wish there was more buzz about it so we'll keep writing until everyone else wants to copy Lily and Robin's latest haircut. Anyway, for those of you who are in the know, how hilarious was Monday's episode? Robin's deep dark secret as a Canadian pop star was brilliant. We were so excited to find the music video online so we could keep laughing our way through the slow news until we can finally eat some turkey.

For those of you missing out, you should make a point to set those TiVo's. And this just in - we hear that Barney’s brother, James will be played by guest star Wayne Brady - another fabulous comedian. We can't wait to see these two in action together next Monday. Here's a sneak peek with Megan Mullally as their mom.

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