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Howard Stern confession by John Stamos

John Stamos Tells All on Stern

Oh no - not again. After Wilmer told lies, lies and more lies, you would think these guys would learn not to talk about their past ladies on Howard Stern. Sexy single John Stamos went on his show Wednesday morning and spilled the beans on his ex-wife Rebecca Romijn, and other Hollywood actresses including Denise Richards, Heather Locklear and Teri Hatcher. Lucky for them he was not nearly as crude and rude as Wilmer. Besides John is so sexy we are not surprised by some of the stories he told.

He basically said his marriage with Rebecca was over long before they actually announced it. He said he was dating Denise at the wrong time due to the kids and her divorce. He said a drunk Heather Locklear tried to get it on with him and that Teri was all over him at an event. We remember those pics so we know he was not lying about the Teri stuff.

If you want more, check out Howard's website or US Weekly helped summarize the details if you want to see the dirt, read more

From US Weekly:

Stamos On Denise Richards

Stern: So you guys dated after Sheen, well that must be tough for you, she’s got all these kids, and you don’t want kids…

Stamos: That was the issue, and it uh, it was kind of a problem.

Stern: How do you get out of that and still stay her friend?

Stamos: I barely did get out of that one! She was upset. It really kind of was the kid situation and what she’s going through. It just wasn’t the right time, you know, I’m friends with Charlie, I’m friends with Richie, I’m friends with Heather, it was a strange thing.

Stern: So, you got to bang Denise Richards and get out?

Stamos: The truth was we’re really good friends and when she was going through her divorce, I was there for her. We had dated you know years before for a while. This time around was just kind of a fast thing and she was going through a hard time. I felt bad that we couldn’t continue on, but it was a bad timing thing. She’s a great mom and she’s a very hands-on mom you know and dating women with kids is tough.

On Heather Locklear

Stern: So you dated Heather Locklear right? Or you had a funny story about her or something?

Stamos: I kinda did… I met her one time and we got really drunk and she asked me to go up to her room with her. But I was a kid and she was getting me plastered, we were playing quarters and by the end I couldn’t even hit the quarter on the table. So she said why don’t you come up to my room in a few minutes, I’m going to take a shower, and I was like yeah, you know, I’m going to do this. The next thing I remember, I woke up with barf all over my room and security was pounding on the door because I had to get to the show. I was in my own room, I just missed the whole thing!

On Rebecca Romijn

Stamos: You know what was funny about that night, the premiere of X-Men 2. We went to that together, but we had already been split up for like 6 months, I just couldn’t say anything.

On Teri Hatcher

Stern: What about Teri Hatcher, do you think she’s hot or too much plastic surgery?

Stamos: Yeah, you know she’s ok. I actually saw her the other night, we were at that Ryan Seacrest thing and she came out and kept trying to kiss me in front of all of the cameras.

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