Drew and Hugh are in London promoting their film Music and Lyrics which comes out in the states on Valentine's Day. It's your traditional cute romantic comedy so of course you know what happens after that - in the movie anyway. In real life Drew and Hugh became close as well. She also happened to be going through some personal problems which she wouldn't specify (but we're thinking it has to do with a certain ex boyfriend who's been seen in the company of Kirsten Dunst lately). But she says that Hugh was always right there for her with kind words - and a beer. Here's more:

"I had one very hard day on the set. He came round and put his arm round me and he said, 'Are you alright?' "He just, like, took me to his trailer, sat me down, put a beer in my hand and said, 'Talk, I'm here for you. What's going on?' I just thought, 'What a lovely person you are, Hubert.'"

These two seem like a great match on the big screen. Sure he's a little older but she was seen making out with Bruce Willis after the Golden Globes so she obviously doesn't have a problem with that. To check out the comedic chemistry between these two in this great trailer just