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Beatrice3544777 Beatrice3544777 4 years
IAN SOMERHALDER should be CG!!!! Smirk smirk hihi
babygirl-love babygirl-love 5 years
sorry i think Emma Watson should play Ana and Matt Bomer should play Grey
angelac angelac 5 years
IAN SOMERHALDER all the way ! He is Christian Grey ! Yummy! He is the total package!
bethr78 bethr78 5 years
So I just considered Kellan Lutz as C.G. he would be great he has the body the intense stare and even copper hair with enough height to be super hot as CG!
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
Could I persuade anyone to become a Jessie's girl?  Jessie Pavelka that is...Ian is lacking some of the physical attributes that CTG has in the book (i.e. height, body mass, presence, head turner, etc.).  Ian does have the eyes, but let's not limit ourselves, just like Ana let's ask or want MORE.  Jessie is that MORE...what do you think?  Team Jessie yet?  :)
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
 @natcat3 That's not smolder...that's him acting with his eyes...that can only get you so far.  It's a one trick pony and something that the Christian role cannot afford.  Outside of the eyes...what else does Ian have and please don't say that he is an exceptional actor because that is not the case.  Remember that Christian is tall, physically built, has presence, turns heads, and captivates women.  It would appear that Ian is none of those things.  Don't get me wrong, Ian is attractive but not Christian Grey fine! I expect more from casting and not settle for the first guy that has the eyes only.  Let's do a little work here casting agents...maintain the fantasy or be authenticate/true to the book.  Please!
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
 @Charlotte2837939 Easy solution that occurs ALL the time...cover it with make would be amazed how many actors/actresses have tats that you do not see because of great makeup.  But Jessie is the absolute TRUTH (SHOUTY letters)!
natcat3 natcat3 5 years
I can totally picture Ian as C.G.  He's definately got the eyes and the smolder down ;).  I don't think that he seems desperate, more like the women are the desperate ones who want to see him in this movie!
Charlotte2837939 Charlotte2837939 5 years
sorry ladies hate to burst your bubble but Jessie Pavelka yes on first site looks PERFECT for CG but he has tattoo's.. and as the book reads Christian has no tattoos! so unless they find a way of covering them up i doubt he'd get the part :(
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
 @Aitch3 Unfortunately, it will be the a very watered down version of the book so that it will get an R rating.
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
 @MrsDeVan06 Or how about you let your agent beg on your it cool but he seems very desperate though for this role.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
How are they going to make a mainstream film about S&M?!
MrsDeVan06 MrsDeVan06 5 years
I agree with bloquacious about Jessie Pavelka and I never even heard of him :)  Ian seemes so desperate to play Christian...wait for them to ask you, Ian.
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
Though Ian has the eyes for the role, he is still lacking in a few other physical attributes, such as height, body mass, and having physical presence.  Remember Christian could command a room; he was tall and very fit.  Ian lacks those attributes that were described in the book.  Additionally, though Ian is an attractive man, he is not the head turner that Christian needs to be.  Women were captivated by Christian's looks.  Ian does not captivate me.  I would walk right past him without asking him the time of day.  My #1 Christian is Jessie Pavelka.  Now i would stop and ask him the time of day. Bonus: He has all of the physical attributes of Christian.
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