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I'm Still Lost

I'm Still Lost

We are happy to report that Lost won the time slot in the ratings with 23 million viewers!!!

We finally know what's down the hatch but the season premiere of one of my favorite shows only left me asking more questions. After trying to figure out some of the clues, the only thing ABC did was leaving me wanting more and more.

First off, Jack's wig looked super goofy.

To avoid ruining it for anyone who has not watched it yet, you must click to read the post so read more

OK so here we are in the hatch. There's a computer, a bed, a bike, a kitchen - a full on apartment with someone living in it.

Oh yeah, but for some strange reason he injects himself with this stuff. Wow, Hurley's numbers are on the vile.

Let's take a look down the hatch. Locke realizes it's not too deep and is ready to venture in but Jack holds him back. We know that even though the door says quarantine it will not stop Locke from exploring.

Shannon lost Vincent (the dog) and on her search to find him she "sees" scary Walt who is trying to tell her something. Thanks to Just Jared for finding out what Walt said.

Jack meets Desmond who asks him if he believes in miracles and then tells him he will see him in another life. Hmm.

I'm sure there are tons of clues in this thing.

Jack's future wife? We saw flashbacks in season one at his wedding to a girl whose life he saved but we never saw them get married. It was a very touching moment when he realized she was not paralyzed.

Jack recognizes Desmond but WTF is this guy doing down in the hatch?

Next week I'm sure ABC will keep up guessing. We should be learning about the boys on the raft soon too! Oh I hate the wait - 6 more days and counting until episode 2.

Source for screen grabs: Louise from Lost TV

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