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Jenny86 Jenny86 9 years
She looks good! Isn't her lawyer the same guy who's Lindsay's attorney?
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I'm glad that she decided to show up on time today.
cosmic-kisses cosmic-kisses 9 years
yeah Brit! clean up ur act and get ur kids away from that gold digger K-Fed!
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Sigh. It was reported as a failed test, and the validity of of her perscription for Adderal was in question, as well as if that was even the exact thing that was flagged in said test, since what came up is found in other drugs beyond Adderal. I have not nor am I saying that one failed test makes a drug addict. I have no idea where on earth you drew that conclusion, since it was never stated nor implied. All I said was that she had failed a single test. A failed test means that certain substances have been found in the test, a single failed test does not equal drug addict. Might I make the radical and earth shattering request that individuals DO NOT put a spin on my comments that are not there? kthxbi.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
so lets throw a party for her because she is finally acting like mother and a grownup after what 2 + years
sarah100682 sarah100682 9 years
what i find funny is that people here think they know what Britney is and what she isn't. Until you talk to her, write her medication or hold the pee stick after she took a drug test, you don't know. Myself included. I haven't a clue whats going on with that girl, but I'm also not going to be as irresponsible as to say its all drug's and act like I know to the point where I more or less tell others they are wrong. I very much dislike Britney. Always have. But I have to give her credit. Yes, you are supposed to show up in court. It is your duty...its your responsiblity, no one that i can see doesn't agree with that...the point is she did not know it was her duty...she couldn't care less before. Now she does. Thats the point. It appears she is finally getting it. Yes, maybe her parents took her, but she also didn't appear to be fighting it.
serenavallentine serenavallentine 9 years
like i was saying before, she looks good and while some of you don't want to praise her for doing what everyone else does and is obligated too.. i think it is a step forward to her(nevermind whether she is a celebrity or not). thank god she is taking a step forward and not back! she is clearly very narcissistic (no doubt from years of people saying how fabulous she is) and very child-like. i personally believe she is mentally ill as well as at least a problem with alcohol which she may or may not have figured out by now (depression/mental illness and alcoholism both seem to run in her family if i remember correctly). however, about the adderal...i believe ADD medications are generally harming and cause more problems than good. and i know that some people out there snort them which leads to a similar high to cocaine. that may not be the case for her of course, but perhaps the mixture of the medication sam lufti was giving her reacted badly with the adderal (which caused even more strange behaviour)? who knows except for the people actually involved.
meme12 meme12 9 years
meme12 meme12 9 years
she didn't FAIL the drug test it detected Adderal which she had a prescription for. Kids in elementary are on adderal so should they be labeled dug addicts?
meme12 meme12 9 years
Ginger she is NOT a drug addict. When they did a drug test on her, every time they have done drug tests, they have come back clean. You don't get a clean test when you're a drug addict. They didn't use urine either, they used blood, with liver tests, and what's in the liver can be detected weeks after the fact, even ALCOHOL. Why do you keep insisting that she is a drug addict??? Sounds like a bunch of BS you keep saying just to add fuel to the fire!
CherryPop- CherryPop- 9 years
ou my gosh she looks soo pretty :D Why cant she always look like this ?
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 9 years
fiu fiu , she looks hot!
trixistar trixistar 9 years
I'm really glad she is coping more these days - it's so hard seeing someone go through such turmoil especially with so many stupid photographers in her face! It must be a relief for her family that they have a real relationship with her again, and that they know she is safe :)
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Actually, I believe she did fail one drug test, and her team at the time tried to blame it on numerous things. Don't personally recall what the outcome of that was, but I think she did fail the one. But please don't ask me to go dig it up. I'm in no mindset to go trolling around various gossip sites trying to dig up a story from last year.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
mello you dont know her we dont know her so everything is bases on speculation, and speculation is an opinion
mello mello 9 years
She's never failed a drug test, try again. Obviously not saying she has never used drugs but that was not her problem. I don't know why people honestly think what we saw from Britney Spears was the life of a sane and in control person. Heck, court documents says she was taking drugs for depression and being wrongly drugged. But I guess that's just excuses. Now I remember why I don't post here much anymore. :oy:
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
that or a publicity stunt, expect or except kevin umm according to tmz that is outside the courthouse kevin is there, tmz is very ridiculous if you ask me staking out the courthouse
mello mello 9 years
No shit DADDY is taking care of her because she's not able to take care of herself. She's not well and has been for a few years. News flash???? But you also have to know her dad can't make her comply as much as you are thinking he can. He has no power over her person or medicinal treatment. She has to do some of it herself. Which she obviously is. Of course people every day go to court early (expect Kevin :rotfl:) and I'm not saying give her a million dollars and a pony for doing what she should. But I'm saying acknowledge she had improved. Actually, you don't have to do anything. I hope the courts realize she has tried to improve herself the last couple of months. She was not morally or legally obligated to go to court today. She went because she wants to see her kids.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
But people have been committed twice in a month for being drug addicts. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a psychological condition, which she might have, but not something people usually get taken away on a stretcher for.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
exactly mello, its not about who likes her and who doesnt its about those two boys that need their mother but they also need a sane mother one that wants to be there to watch them grow and develope
mello mello 9 years
You know that how zombie? People usually are not committed TWICE in a month for being spoiled brats. :oy: We don't know what is wrong with her, but you don't think there is something mentally wrong with her you are drinking too much of the haterade
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
hater sorry far from it i rather look like myself than trash, anyway the courthouse in san antonio are full with parents arriving EARLY for their court hearings, sorry she does not need to be applauded for doing something she is LEGGALLY and MORALLY as a mother is supposed to do for their children, and she chose that life she was the one parading herself for that attention why dont we see as much of her anymore, because her DADDY has to take care of her like a child
mello mello 9 years
For the record, she was not REQUIRED to come to this. She was nearly 30 minutes early (Kevin 15 minutes late). Of course she made metrics ton loads of mistakes and yes she has to prove herself, but even the smallest things are a sign she is moving forward. That is the point here. I don't think custody will change much, if at all, but they should give her some encouragement for getting on the right path. The fact is this isn't about you not liking her, or her being "trashy". It's about two kids who miss and love their mother and need her well enough for her to be in their life.
zombielove zombielove 9 years
well of course she showed up on time, daddy made her. she DOES NOT have bipolar disorder, please, more excuses people make for her just being stupid and making stupid choices.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Didn't the claims of her being bipolar come from Sam, the same guy who has an active restraining order to stay away from her? Drugs is the more likely culprit. And the desperate need for attention.
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