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Interview with Angelina Jolie Talking About African Barbies, Disney, and Loving Brad Pitt

Angelina Talks Love in Brad's Eyes and African Barbies

Angelina Jolie sat down for yet another interview to promote Changeling, but mostly talked about her family — though the real secret is how she's working out these days. While Brad supposedly got upset with Jennifer Aniston for her "uncool" Angelina comment, Jen talked to Oprah about how it was taken out of context, so hopefully everyone can move on. Meanwhile Angelina had some adorable things to say about Zahara and Maddox. Here's more:

  • On how she stays positive: "By doing the things which are important and meaningful to you and not worrying about the rest. How can I complain about anything when I wake up in the morning and I'm surrounded by so much love with Brad and our children and the feeling that comes from sharing my life with them?"
  • On teaching her multi-cultural children: "I want to teach them about all religions, and I'm trying to find a way to do that. And when it comes to the subject of adoption, like when my daughter, who's African, wants her hair to look straight like mummy's . . . and I look for a Barbie that's African, and the African Barbie has straight hair! And you know, why has Disney never made a film with an African-American princess?"

To read what Angelina had to say about Brad with the children, her life, and Maddox just


  • On her life right now: "This is such a beautiful time for me. When I look back on my life, I never really believed that I would find this kind of happiness on so many different levels. I think I trained myself to expect less, but meeting Brad and being with him has shown me that sometimes it just takes the right circumstances for you to meet a good man who enjoys being with you and working towards the same goals in life. Brad has always been there for me."
  • On Maddox and Changeling: "What made it particularly troubling for me to put myself into this woman's head was my own relationship with my son Maddox. I just couldn't shake the thought of him through the whole film. Because Maddox is my eldest and also because he says things that are similar to what the boy in the film says. I also talk to Maddox the same way I talk to the little boy. So when Brad and I saw the movie we noticed strange similarities, especially when the boy says: 'Am I too heavy?' Mad says that all the time. And I tell him: 'Oh, never! But one day you're going to carry me!'"

As always, Angelina seems blissful and in love with her life right now, so hopefully all of the old emotions that have been stirred up this past week are on their way to being ancient history just like all that old drama.


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Paisley23 Paisley23 8 years
I love angelina jolie interviews!
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
Some of these statements on African or African Americans - just make me say wow.
zagge zagge 8 years
poor child
39Views 39Views 8 years
Not a Princess But also Lilo and Stitch was in America and nonwhite. People need to lighten up. The kids aren't complaining, but the adults won't shut up!
39Views 39Views 8 years
**I remember when they make "BLacula" and the Black Wizard of Oz "THE WIZ". I didn't mean for the "they" to imply Disney. They is supposed to mean movie producers in general. Not Disney.
39Views 39Views 8 years
killadyva The Frog and The Princess was made Years ago. It's a finished Project. Coming out in 2009 has NOTHING to do with when it was made it's all these other films that have more money to be released sooner. So blame the over inflated actors heads for that. The trailer looks good, so if you're now complaining about inequality about a movie you've never even seen, than I pity you because you are not a very fair or balanced person to already jump to such judgements. When people especially little girls hear negativity about something before they've even had a chance to have their own opinion, that's pretty pathetic. Sorry but there are more races and cultures than just white, Asian, and black. You don't see every single race out condemning Disney because there hasn't been a PRINCESS depicting every single race. That's crazy! You have Spike Lee and others who produce majorly black movies, why don't you ask them why they haven't made a movie for African American children? Why jump on Disney? Disney is a FOR PROFIT company. If they don't think it will be a profit then why try and strong arm them into making something just to appease some people. I remember when they make "BLacula" and the Black Wizard of Oz "THE WIZ". They all bombed at the theater even though Diana Ross and Micheal Jackson were in it. It's all about money and whose pocket wants to lose millions just because someone says they should? Tell Angelina and Brad to make dolls that look like Zahara or make a movie about an African American Princess..God knows they have enough money to do it!
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
My bad I forgot about Pocahontas. So Tiana will be the second American princess.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
Whats the problem now? Princess Tiana will be African-AMERICAN because she will be from New Orleans. Angie said AA because that is the "correct" term for Black Americans, but I'm guessing she was talking about a black princess in general. Tiana will be special because not only will she be the first American princess but she will be the first black princess when we have our first black President. I'm lovin' it. And yes Angie will never fully understand the Black community just because she has a black daughter but she is trying.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I see what you're saying about the princess thing, but the fact of the matter is that the African-American character Tiana in The Princess and the Frog actually will apparently be an African-American Disney princess. I mean, the title of that movie makes that clear. Having never watched a Disney "princess"-type movie, I can't really say how that happens, but I'd guess they make it possible by setting it in a fantasy monarchic version of NOLA. Or somehow expanding the definition of "princess." :shrug:
theregalone theregalone 8 years
That much is obvious but all of Disney's "Princesses" were actually Princesses -or were to become so in the actual movies. Hence why that comment doesn't actually make sense. Also when she talks about the hair thing she's opening up a can of worms and a debate in a community which she will never be a part of -even if she did 'adopt into it' so to speak. Fact of the matter is, whilst it will be less difficult for Zahara because she's in a highly privelaged position, Angelina can be "aware" of the issues affecting that community but she can't ever really understand it. And as for how many children she has, don't have really any comment on that, I just think of how horrifying it will be to have all those kids go through puberty at the same time, and have to deal with all of the cultural issues of each. I don't envy them.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
It sounded to me like she was specifically talking about Disney princesses, not real-life ones.
theregalone theregalone 8 years
There wouldn't be an "African-AMERICAN" princess, simply because the United States has not had a monarchy since independence. Did no one else get just how incredibly dense that statement was? There is a large difference between Africans from Africa and African Americans. Hopefully that was a misquote.
Cinquettacubina2 Cinquettacubina2 8 years
bitterliberation and Missy1984, and pretty much anyone who sings the same "will she go away" chorus in every Angie thread I have ever had the pleasure of lurking in. I think you already know how to avoid the horror you feel she inflicts on you, and no, I'm not even suggesting you shutty. No, not at all as I do believe in equity and despise censorship. I'm simply saying that she isn't going anywhere, and although I know you're question is rhetorical, it's also really one of those that could be asked until the end of time and still, you are the one(s) who are gonna have to do the leaving cause she ain't. 1. I didn't tell anyone not to post how they feel 2. I didn't suggest that anyone leave, only that the subject they hate to hear about probably won't. 3. I didn't what they should or should not say.
Cinquettacubina2 Cinquettacubina2 8 years
killadyvah (122) Brava!
MissyB1984 MissyB1984 8 years
Very well said killadyvah!!
Green-Is-Good Green-Is-Good 8 years
When will this pretentious woman SHUT UP about every detail of her personal life? When she doesn't have a movie to promote?
bitterliberation bitterliberation 8 years
bla bla bla. i thought she said she was going away already? we're waiting!
ivanka ivanka 8 years
sometimes i think that she just hides behind the mom title
hkd hkd 8 years
yeah yeah yeah. but you ain't seen nothing yet... But no rush! I am gonna start designing a house. it'll have an airstrip for you, & a bike stand for me...
ediebaby ediebaby 8 years
Dear Angelina: Your boring! Hurry up and fade away.
killadyvah killadyvah 8 years
2 pts. to the genius who thought they were shutting someone down for pointing out Disney was putting out a movie with an African-American princess in 2009. Then was silly enough to infer Angelina was going to try and take credit for it. It's pathetic that Disney is has waited until 2009 to make an African-American character be a feature in any of their films. No excuses. The Frog Princess isn't Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Heck, it ain't even flipping Mulan. And Mulan is not substitute for an African-American role model, thank you very much. The Frog Prinesses' colors will be... hmmm, let's see, pink, light blue, purple? No, green. Just what every little girl has dreamed of. So, I'm guessing, with a name like that, great colors little girls will want to go out and wear all the time, it will be a great big hit. Then Disney will have their excuse to not put another A-A as a featured lead in one of their animated films again. I was at Disneyland twice this summer, missed out on promotion of Frog Princess, but then again, I'm not a Disney freak either. As for those for whom it never occurred to them that there wasn't an A-A princess? Wow, how nice it must be for you that everywhere you go you see yourself reflected back to you. Now imagine that being the opposite. Now for you Angelina lunatics who can never give her credit for doing anything right, it certainly seems evident that she is more 1)culturally aware, 2)interested in creating a better world and 3) interested in raising a healthy child; than most of you are, based upon your narrow-mindedness.
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
I love Angelina. She's the best. I just wish Jennifer Aniston's name wouldn't always come up with her. It's annoying. If Jen marries John, will it stop?
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I'm going to be passed out soon if you keep that up!
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 8 years
:rotfl: Still laughing!
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