Hi Everybody, I am thrilled to announce the latest feature edition to the Sugar Network, FAB Finds! What is FAB Finds, you ask? Well, it's a way for us to all share with each other FAB things that we find from around the web. So it's not just me telling you what I like, you ALL get to tell EACH OTHER what you like from anywhere around the web! It's also the best way to make your personalized wish list or organize what you need to buy for others.

It's really easy, just visit the FAB Finds help page to learn how to add the FAB Finds buttons to your Favorites/Bookmarks on your Internet Browser.

Then, when you are out browsing the web and you see something you like that you want to share with your Sugar friends, you click your That's Fab button. Everything that you think is FAB will then show up as another tab in your profile right next to your blog, guestbook, etc.

You can also see what everyone else thinks is Fab by visiting the Fab Finds tab on TEAMSUGAR. Get it? Cool, click here to start and as always, let us know if you have questions!